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Latest update: 17/05/2023 11:27:45

M2 Planning Inc.

The culmination of an engineering career

Having been involved in numerous inventions, our founder would now like to introduce to the world a training room and fatigue recovery capsule that incorporates the low-pressure, low-oxygen pressure-regulating technology that he invented, as the culmination of his career as an engineer.

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Sales Pitch

Patented technology invented and obtained by our representative Nobuaki Kaitatsu himself.
Development, design, and production of recycling plants and equipment
Based on ideas and the technology we cultivated, we propose the best solutions.
Lineup of products where the new method was implemented
We have technologies that can differentiate our products from those of other companies, including fatigue recovery capsules and high altitude training cubes, which we have been working on in recent years.
Novel products never seen before
RAHPSPA, a capsule-type spa combining an oxygen capsule with a hip bath, is a new style of beauty equipment never seen before.


"CAPSPA" image movie
Last update:12/04/2023
Low-pressure hypoxic method, which is famous as a mechanism of high-altitude training.
A half-body bath that has the effect of warming you from the core while reducing the burden on your body.
The keyword common to the two is that it has the effect of "promoting metabolism".
CAPSPA is a completely new form of capsule spa that combines these mechanisms.

Cosmo Materials Co., Ltd.

M2 Planning Co., Ltd.

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