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Latest update: 06/04/2023 16:07:01

Alt-Alc, Ltd.

A company that has been conveying the appeal of non-alcoholic drinks

In the era in which the majority of adults do not drink alcohol, our company is proposing an alternative to alcohol. We focus on the creation of a new culture by being involved in various aspects of non-alcoholic beverages, including import/wholesale, mail order, manufacturing, and writing/education..

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Non-alcoholic drinks
A new genre, an alternative to alcohol
An alcohol alternative that is currently attracting attention. It is made in a way that alcoholic drinks are perceived to be made, by infusion with herbs or spices it instead of dealcoholization in which alcohol is removed from an alcoholic drink. 

Unlike the dealcoholization methods like subtraction, the alcohol alternative can express the rich flavor and complex taste, which are the appeal of alcohol, from the addition of herbs and spices 

An alcohol alternative can be a joyful choice for various occasions, such as pairing with dishes, which was difficult for non-alcoholic drinks. Therefore, an increasing number of luxury hotels, restaurants and the like have served it.