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Latest update: 06/04/2023 16:20:47

Shokubutsu Therapy Aloalo

Fragrance products for easy use through powder processing <POWDER AROMA>

Are you at a loss for what to do with essential oils? 
The foundation of our critical thinking is our philosophy of “creating products that end users will use repeatedly”. 

By processing liquids into powders, we create products that are easy to use and have a broader range of applications in addition to the advantages of liquid fragrances.

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The first aroma powder in the aroma industry
Portioning fragrances
With liquid fragrances, even smaller bottles did not bring significant improvements in terms of cost or ease of use. This is why we tried a format change. Processing the liquid into a powder enabled us to change the container from bottles to aluminum bags for smaller portions. 
The ability to offer the product in smaller portions has reduced its unit price, while the design surface has become wider, increasing its use for novelty items. Please consult us also about attaching a Braille label of the product name (essential oil name). 

From one 5 ml bottle of aroma oil, approximately 20 bags of powder can be made. 
The ability to ship the product by postal mail also reduces delivery costs. 
The design surface is now wider because we use aluminum bags. 
Logos, two-dimensional barcodes, Braille labels and others can be attached.
As the responsibility of the producer, we transform the oil into easy-to-use powder without wasting even one drop. This ease of use is the reason why essential oil, which many people used to say that they could not use up, has now become a product that people do use up.
New fragrance goods
We have created some new products, including Aroma Charms, a collaboration of powdered aroma and incense, and Aroma Letter sets, which are sold at some post offices. 
In addition, our products are increasingly used as fragrance agents for powdered raw materials.



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