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Latest update: 09/06/2023 10:29:27


“Scientifically analyzing and creating heat.”  - To become the best thermal problem-solving company in the world -

We design and produce thermal equipment such as heater blocks, heaters, small thermal units, heating device products, and temperature control equipment. In particular, our original “uniform heating technology (patented)” solves yield issues and achieves facility space savings.

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Business description
Core technologies
[Patented] Uniform Heating Technology
Giving invisible heat a visible form: possible thanks to our uniform heating technology.

In generally available stainless steel blocks, the temperature distribution exhibits differences between the center and the peripheral sections. In this state, the heat applied to the workpiece will not be uniform, resulting in yield issues.

Combination of a commercially available stainless steel block with our dense winding heater
The dense winding heater is one of our core technologies. The Watt levels at the ends and the center are adjusted to ensure uniform heating by a heater unit. Using this heater will allow to reduce unevenness in temperature as compared to commercially available heaters.

Heat soaking heater block
By combining our dense winding heater and a heat soaking heater block, which uses proprietary technology of Kyushu Nissho, 
we achieve uniform heat as shown in the illustration.

<Effects of uniform heating technology>
Solving yield issues
Reduce production cost by eliminating yield issues.

Saving facility space
Efficiently use limited factory space through smaller facilities
Product information
Heating device products
Stacked heating furnace type, transfer feeding type, tunnel furnace type (conveyor furnaces), magazine heating, SUS hot plates, aluminum hot plates, heating and cooling cycle test units, LED lumen maintenance test devices LED-AAT, Teflon tube heaters

Heater blocks
SUS hot plates (high-temperature type), aluminum hot plate (low-temperature type)
[Applications] Cartridge heaters, semiconductors, sealing, molding, FDP, others

Thermal analysis
[Reference cases] Thermal analysis (radiation, conduction, transfer), fluids, etc.

Various heaters
[Order-made heaters] Cartridge heaters, sheath heaters, band heaters, plate heaters, flange heaters, others
[Standard heaters] Cartridge heaters, sheath heaters, band heaters, plate heaters, flange heaters, others

Small thermal units
Hot air generator, unit, heater pan
[Hot air guns] Thermopower, standard, popular, various types of nozzles

Temperature control equipment
Desktop type temperature regulators LC-SS, wall-mounted/desktop type temperature regulators Digithermo DT-03, thermocouples, resistance thermometer bulbs
Program controllers, power regulators, desktop type temperature adjusting devices, recorders, digital controllers, switching devices, digital indicators, thermocouples, detectors, resistance thermometer bulbs, Robert Shaw and other thermostats

Heat-related supplies and materials
[Heat insulation material] Iso-wool BSSR, fine jacket, cera brick, N silica fiber, alumina seven, glass fibers, high-coat cloth, spark protection cloth, rock wool
[Heat-resistant resin boards] Lossna board, Besthermo, Kalhon-L
[Glass] Normal porcelain, steatite ceramics, mullite ceramics, alumina ceramics
[Others] Heat-resistant ducts, heat-resistant electric wires, heat-resistant tape

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