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Latest update: 31/05/2023 10:55:53

“Fusion of IT and the Real World”: Expanding happiness by fusing people and organizations with technology

Our core services include TUNAG, a tool to convey management’s thoughts and promote communication in the field, and FANTS, a subscription type fan salon app. We have also released ”Leak Checker”, an IT asset management service that prevents information leaks, and will lead the market as a pioneer in the area of engagement while leveraging our three strengths: Engineers, Sales, and Customer Success.

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Service contents
“TUNAG” engagement management platform
An all-in-one solution helping with everything from understanding the state of engagement to putting it into practice. Conveys management’s thoughts and promotes communication in the field. A tool to support the creation of a strong organization that is not affected by the external environment.

TUNAG provides one-stop support to increase engagement, from measure and policy design to operation and improvement.

Design: design your company’s own engagement measures and policies tailored to your organizational challenges
Operation: screen design and functionality to maximize the effectiveness of your measures and policies
Improvement: visualize the operational status of measure and policies, real-time organizational status, and more

What TUNAG can realize
Penetration of management philosophy and vision
Centralization of information sharing tools
Revitalization of communication
Talent management practices
Promotion of operational rationalization and DX
Development of habits and a culture of praise
“FANTS” subscription type fan salon app
A platform with all the features necessary for an online salon, including a dedicated application, a referral site, live streaming, and subscription payment. We provide the entire system and know-how necessary to open an online salon.

Main functions
Subscription payments, setup of multiple plans, credit card payments, later payment
Dedicated app
Original app, EC functions, introduction sites, live streaming, event announcements, surveys, bulletin boards, circle and club activities, joint projects, Q&A, likes and comments, profiles, nicknames, point system, limited publication and posting limits, unlimited storage capacity
Member management
Dashboard, group grade settings, automatic data aggregation, CSV output, post deletion, account suspension/cancellation
“Leak Checker” IT asset management service to prevent information leaks
Leak Checker is a cloud security service offering various functions to prevent internal information leaks caused by human error or the like, and to control important company and employee information.

Three reasons why customers chose Leak Checker
(1) Allows IT asset management in line with the company’s operational objectives
(2) Improves the level of security while reducing the burden on personnel
(3) Cloud service with little operational burden after implementation

Distinctive functions
Folder monitoring
When a file matching a specific keyword is manipulated, the administrator is notified, allowing for crisis management.
Recycle Bin monitoring
It is possible to notice, for example, when files having been placed in the Recycle Bin but not deleted exceed a certain size.
Screen monitoring
Prevent risks such as that desktop or other screens could be seen during online business meetings, revealing important information.
USB flash drive monitoring
It is possible to track when and which data were saved on USB flash drives. If a flash drive is lost, you can easily see what kind of information is stored in it.

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