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Latest update: 31/05/2023 10:55:55

Oriental Kogeisha K.K.

Manufacturing of elevator push buttons and various parts

We manufacture elevator products and parts such as cage operation panels, elevator hall pushbuttons, display lamps, indicators, and hall lanterns making full use of LEDs. The pushbuttons used for the operation panel are our original products with built-in LEDs.

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Business description
Elevator pushbuttons
To meet modern needs, we offer square and round pushbuttons in a wide range of sizes, from small to large.
We are also working on the development of universal design products such as large, easy-to-read pushbuttons that are friendly to the elderly and people with disabilities.
Protective covers to prevent wrong operation
We produce protective cover parts to prevent wrong operation, abuse, and hazards.
Please consider using these as measures to improve safety and prevent tampering.
We produce custom-made covers to match the size of buttons currently in use, even if existing emergency pushbutton covers do not fit.
Signboards, information boards, monitoring panels, alarm panels, etc.
We produce repair parts for products and components and also make new products, including the following: products and parts around buildings such as signboards, post boxes, guide lights, interior guide panels, intercom boxes, signs in buildings, and executive suite call buttons, nurse call buttons, guide panels, specific switch panels, control panels, and alarm panels for hospitals or the like, entrance/exit guide panels, signal lights, car entry lights, car exit lights, lights indicating that parking space is available, a parking lot is fully occupied, or the number of cars currently parking, guiding lights, destination guide plates, labels for drivers, loading labels, cautionary labels, pushbuttons with sensors, pushbutton alarm panels with remote control, monitoring panels, and collective operation panels, etc. in hospital or general parking lots.
Materials include sheets and plates of stainless steel, aluminum, iron, acryl, and others.

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