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Latest update: 23/05/2023 14:02:14

Toa Co., Ltd.

Metalworking and metal cutting company in Ota Ward, Tokyo

Our company develops and manufactures parts mainly for electrical appliances and industrial products. In addition to metalworking, we can also handle machining on resins.
Our products are used in a wide range of fields, from parts for rockets and space shuttles in the space development field to sensors and control devices in the medical equipment field.

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Business description
Precision Machining Field
Many of the parts orders we receive for factory automation (FA) are required to have high precision. We have had many orders to manufacture various manifolds, sensor mounting rails, brackets, floating blocks, etc.
In addition, we also produce M1.0 screws and connectors used for calipers according to requests, in any quantity from a single piece to mass production.
Automobile Field
"I need alloy castings with their internal defects removed for engine peripherals," "Can you manufacture parts free from deformation or distortion for heat exchangers for which airtightness is important?" We respond to such requests from automobile manufacturers.
We manufacture engine peripheral parts, electronic control related parts, transmission and brake peripheral equipment parts, and sensor related parts.
Aerospace Field
Manufacturing of parts required for engine-related components and cooling structures that operate in the harsh environment of space.
Please consult us as we can meet the needs for speedy development of aircraft engine related parts, rocket related parts, cooling structure parts, heat exchanger related parts, and other products.
Energy Field
Manufacturing of heat exchangers, turbine components, coils, and other components.
Amid the recent demand for the use of clean energy and the reuse of energy, this field has become a focus of attention.
We offer accelerator-related parts, power generation-related parts, heat exchanger-related parts, and gas turbine equipment-related parts.
Liquid Crystal and Semiconductor Manufacturing Field
While focusing on the manufacturing of electronic materials used in various semiconductors, we have also responded to orders related to the equipment used to manufacture semiconductors and have manufactured cooling plates and other products that facilitate the cooling of components.
Medical Equipment Field
Many of our offerings are sensors and control unit parts. However, in recent years, we have also manufactured products for artificial bones and prosthetic legs using our resin processing technology.

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