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Latest update: 23/05/2023 14:02:09

Try and E Co., Ltd.

Contributing to Society through Medical Equipment

Our business is the import, manufacture and sale of medical equipment. We aim to keep contributing to the community and society by providing products that everyone can use with peace of mind. Going forward, we will constantly challenge ourselves to offer better products.

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Products handled
P.D.CAM IR Thermal Imaging Camera
[Identifying Individuals with Fever Instantly in Crowded Places]
Use Cases (can be installed in various fields)
As a precautionary measure against escalating pandemics
Install in reception areas of facilities where people of all walks of life gather.
(front desks of hotels, reception areas of hospitals and clinics, infrastructure facilities such as ticket booths in train stations and stores in airports, ticket booths in facilities that attract visitors)
As a means of monitoring for infections from visitors/outpatients to hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities where nosocomial infections are a concern
As a way to differentiate yourself from competitors in the industry
Installing in places where there are many young children (e.g., nursery schools, kindergartens) and nursing homes for senior citizens allows the facility’s workers to detect and take precautionary measures before the patients recognize the fever themselves or even before the fever starts, allowing you to differentiate your facility from others.
By creating a safe work environment and a facility environment that visitors can use with peace of mind, you can improve your corporate image among job seekers and facility users.
Virus Killer UV-C Sterilizer Dedicated for Pulse Oximeter
[Inactivates 99.9% of Viruses in Only 30 Seconds]
Virus Killer 254 directly irradiates viruses with 254-nm deep ultraviolet light ("UV-C"), which has a high sterilizing effect, and changes the structure of DNA and RNA in the cell nucleus, thereby achieving 99.9% inactivation (kills viruses by stopping their cell division function). The accumulated UV dose necessary to inactivate a virus varies from virus to virus. Researchers in other regions have reported (see note) that the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is less UV-resistant than the influenza virus. While influenza viruses require an accumulated dose of 6.6 mJ/cm2 at 254 nm to achieve 99.9% inactivation, the dose necessary to inactivate novel coronaviruses is as shown in the table on the right. Our Virus Killer 254 irradiates viruses with 7.5 mJ/cm2 (irradiation intensity of 250 μW × irradiation time of 30 seconds), so it is effective for inactivating novel coronaviruses.
Pulxy Plus / MyCare OX Series Pulse Oximeters
The Pulxy Plus and MyCare OX series are lightweight, easy-to-read, Japan-made pulse oximeters for medical applications.
All of the pulse oximeters we manufacture are inspected for measurement accuracy using a dedicated tester after assembly. Especially in the shipping inspection, which is the final check of product quality, our expert staff carefully inspect all products for measurement accuracy, display functions, and even electrical performance to ensure that our customers can use the products with confidence. In addition, repair service engineers are always on call to ensure prompt repair service.

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