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Latest update: 06/04/2023 14:32:15

I System K.K.

Please consult “I System” about automation and labor savings in Kumamoto

We design, manufacture and maintain control panels, production equipment, and automatic control devices. We also sell, install and maintain refrigerated vending machines. Our electrical control business has a proven track record in various fields such as automobiles, semiconductors, and chemical products. Regarding refrigerated vending machines, we offer “Dohiemon.” We provide full support for automation and labor savings, working together with cooperating companies.

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Business description
Selling and installing refrigerated vending machines

We provide vending machines for frozen food and general-purpose food vending machines. 
We provide total support for sale and installation of vending machines and sincerely provide consultation for goods to be sold. 
We provide careful support as a Kumamoto-based company.

Designing and manufacturing automatic control devices

We have an extensive track record of carriers in production factories related to automobiles, assembly equipment of motorcycle manufacturers, and special processing equipment of automobile manufacturers, and others, mainly related to major manufacturers.

Designing, manufacturing, and remodeling control panels

We have a track record of manufacturing control panels for production equipment of automobile manufacturers, for production equipment of chemical product production factories, for semiconductor manufacturing machines, and for others, in a wide range of industries.
<Strengths of I System>
We have provided consultation to customers in a wide range of industries (automobiles, semiconductors, petroleum, chemical products, etc.). 
We provide careful support as a Kumamoto-based company. 
Since our foundation 26 years ago, we have focused on automation and labor savings. Therefore, we believe that customers feel at ease when they consult us about the above. 
We never propose unnecessary equipment or services. 
We provide full support for automation and labor savings, working together cooperating companies.

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