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Latest update: 09/06/2023 10:29:25

K.K. Hinooribakoten

We have been creating Oribako boxes for over 70 years

We have advanced manual skills and supporting equipment to produce custom-made Oribako boxes. In addition to general bento boxes and bento boxes for weddings and memorial services, we also offer a wide range of containers to meet the needs of the times, from business bento boxes for meetings and business entertainment to containers for Japanese and Western confectionery.

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Introduction of Oribako boxes
Wooden Oribako boxes
The pleasant aroma, warmth, fine texture, and luxurious atmosphere created by the wood make these traditional Oribako boxes feel good when you hold one in your hands.
PSP Oribako boxes
PSP Oribako boxes are Oribako box containers made of foamed polystyrene sheets. This is a lightweight, heat-retaining, and waterproof material, and has properties that give it very high performance as a food container for bento, prepared foods, sushi, traditional New Year’s dishes, and more.
Our commitment to crafting Oribako boxes
We produce original Oribako boxes in small lots.
Rather than making bento meals fit the packaging, we offer custom-made Oribako boxes that are optimally suited to the food. We can respond to detailed requirements because we do everything in-house, from planning and proposals to assembly and processing. We can also produce custom-made products in quantities as low as 300 units.