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Manufacturing that transforms convenience into ease

We can quickly design, develop, and manufacture high-quality products such as medical, health, and beauty equipment and related equipment, taking advantage of our manufacturing technology and experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing audio and various electronic equipment.
We can provide one-stop services from design and development to production for various medical, health, beauty, acoustic, and electronic equipment.

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Major product overview
Medical and industrial equipment manufacturing
We plan, develop, manufacture, and sell our own brand and OEM/ODM medical, health, and beauty equipment by utilizing our experience in manufacturing electronic products.
We manufacture, inspect, pack, and ship products based on customers' product specifications at a factory licensed to manufacture and sell Class 2 medical devices.
We have established a network of overseas factories and can act as a procurement company and manufacturing factory for our customers in a variety of ways.
We are participating in the Pharma Valley Project, a project to accumulate advanced health industries in Mt. Fuji.
Audio equipment
Sound conditioner
AD converter
We manufacture Love Harmony series audio equipment with such functions.
Electronic equipment
Design, development, and OEM/ODM support are available. We are capable of designing and developing electronic equipment in general and OEM/ODM based on our past experience in manufacturing electronic products. We are capable of domestic and overseas production as well as parts procurement based on our understanding of our customers' needs.

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