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Latest update: 06/04/2023 14:32:16

TST Japan Co., Ltd.

Your technological partner for making your projects a reality

We are TST’s local subsidiary in Japan. TST has developed many Internet of Things devices and systems and used them as social applications in Europe. We perform all final assembly and inspection of our products in our company and established a system in which our engineers can handle both hardware and software. We also implement Internet of Things in cooperation with telecommunications carriers, application development companies, construction companies that install devices, and the like.

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Sales Pitch

Solutions for agricultural and fisheries industries
We collect environmental data such as temperature, humidity, pH, constituent concentration, light intensity, and so on of plants, animals, and their surrounding environments (soil and the like). We aim to create appropriate environments based on customers’ experience and the collected data. 
We will improve the operation of Internet of Things by combining projects that have been conducted in Europe with the results of demonstration experiments in Japan.
Solutions for industrial fields
Sensing information on temperature, humidity, lights, sounds, vibrations, positions, distances, and the like is appropriately processed by edge devices to send it to the cloud. Operations are improved and new values are created based on data analysis on the cloud.

Specific examples
Improving shipping efficiency by the integrated management of residual quantities in tanks and the like
=> Cost reduction and work style reform
Unified remote management of the state of equipment for periodic observation of vibration data on equipment having moving parts
=> Improving maintenance efficiency 
=> Promoting the effective use of equipment (reducing the time in which the equipment is not used)
Solutions for the social infrastructure industry
We devise methods to make the introduction of Internet of Things devices easy. 
Wide-area wireless (LPWA)
Easy installation (compact and lightweight)
No power source needed (batteries and cells)
Information collection using various types of sensors
Performing management in terms of points and planes by installing multiple devices

Specific example
Flood sensors