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Latest update: 06/04/2023 14:14:54

tantore Corporation

Manufacturing and sale of various types of mesh and wire mesh filters

We handle processing and sales of nylon mesh, chemical resistant Teflon mesh, and stainless steel mesh materials. We plan, manufacture, and sell high-performance masks, super-strong typhoon waterproof sheets for localized downpours, and other products. We manufacture various types of mesh bags at our factories and sell single items to larger orders.

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Products handled
Stockpiled high-performance masks
Masks made using out company's world-leading proprietary fine mesh do not require electrostatic adsorption treatment, which is necessary for conventional masks.
The result is a stockpiling potential of more than 10 years.
The packaging also uses aluminum pouches for durability.
Super-strong typhoon waterproof sheets (super-strong waterproof fabric)
Compared to conventional waterproof sheets, this has reduced water penetration and enhanced water pressure resistance and water repellency.
Furthermore, the sheet’s waterproof fabric has strong tensile and tearing strength.
They are powerful waterproof sheets that stop water instantly and are easy to put up when there is sudden abnormal weather such as typhoons or localized downpours!
You just need to attach the waterproof sheet to the setting-up surface and affix it with waterproof tape and the like!
It is easier than using sandbags, and allows easy waterproofing without any gaps.
Trical net, plastic net
This plastic net can be used for everything from construction, factories, stores, and gardening to interior displays.
This is an all-plastic square-mesh net produced by continuous extrusion molding.
It is used in all industries for a wide range of applications.
In particular, we have a proven track record in the field of civil engineering with its dimensional stability and high quality, which are also features of our products.
It has excellent dimensional stability and does not lose its shape easily.
It is lightweight and easy to handle.
The net has uniform strength in the vertical and horizontal directions and is impact resistant.
It is resistant to acids and alkalis, and corrosion resistant.
The plastic net allows for easy on-site processing.
Wicket fence construction (hurdle construction), reinforced embankment construction, bedding netting construction, pipe and culvert foundation reinforcement construction, windbreaks and sandbreaks, measures to prevent damage by wildlife, etc.

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