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Latest update: 07/07/2023 16:18:12

TBM Corporation

Leading Manufacturer of Turbine Blades and Machine Parts Processing

Based in Nagano Prefecture, we are a manufacturer specializing in 3D machining of turbine blades and difficult-to-machine materials used in aircraft engine parts. Taking advantage of our high technological capabilities for difficult-to-machine materials cultivated in the production and processing of turbine blades, we started processing aircraft engine parts in 1988. Our strength lies in the machining of a wide range of large machine parts, including valves for large plants and equipment parts necessary for semiconductor manufacturing.

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Product Lineup
Turbine Blades
Turbine blades produce rotational energy. Inside a generator, normally invisible from the outside, the turbine blades are arranged in a radial pattern around the rotating shaft, called the rotor. Turbine blades are the most important component in converting the thermal energy of steam and gas, for example, into rotational energy, and continue to work silently and invisibly behind the scenes in modern society.
There are two types of turbine blades: rotor blades, which are mounted on the rotor side and rotate, and stator blades, which are mounted on the casing side. Besides power generation turbines, turbine blades are also used in aircraft, ships, and other vessels. We have been processing various types of turbine blades for steam turbines for power generation, gas turbines, marine superchargers, pumps for auxiliary equipment, axial flow blowers for steel mills, etc. since 1979.
The processing technology we have cultivated and accumulated over many years, together with our excellent state-of-the-art production facilities, has earned us a high reputation and trust as a supplier to major companies. Also, in 1999, we started processing blades directly for General Electric (GE) in the U.S. Clearing the strict quality standards of Six Sigma, we play a part in their product processing and continue processing based on a relationship of trust.
Aircraft Parts
In 1988, we began processing aircraft parts, making use of our advanced processing technology and technological capabilities cultivated through the processing of high-precision turbine blades. We actively supply products to major companies such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. In addition, we have continued to take on the challenge of monozukuri craftsmanship to meet various customer demands, taking advantage of the strengths of our integrated production system. We are also actively improving our processing technology and expanding our state-of-the-art facilities. To guarantee quality to our customers, we acquired JISQ 9100 (aerospace defense quality management system) certification in 2009. In line with this international standard, we have processed parts and introduced state-of-the-art inspection equipment such as 3D measuring machines and nondestructive inspection equipment. Now we deliver products without compromise in quality control.
Large Machine Parts
Our company has processed large and medium-sized cast steel valves and stainless steel valve bonnets for half a century as a partner factory for KITZ Corporation, a plant valve manufacturer. We also have built strong relationships of trust with major companies that handle the equipment necessary for semiconductor manufacturing, and we process various parts.
To process these large machine parts, we use sophisticated equipment such as large NC lathes and turning machines to quickly respond to various customer requests and maintain high quality. If you can give us the drawings and materials, we can process anything. We have lathe and machining center processing technology for difficult-to-machine materials such as Ni-based heat-resistant alloy steel.

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