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Latest update: 06/04/2023 12:36:23

Fujita Japan Co. Ltd.

We specialize in optical products and peripherals, and our recently launched professional-grade high altitude selfie stick is also popular.

We manufacture, import, and sell imaging-related equipment such as endoscopes, piping cameras, and endoscopes for industrial use for the observation and inspection of inaccessible pipes inside buildings. We also undertake lens design and optics-related component exterior design, prototyping, and mass production. In addition, our professional high-position Jidoribo-Pro selfie stick is popular for construction and inspection photography. It can easily take pictures from a height of 8 m and does not require a drone.

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Sales Pitch

Products handled
High-position Jidoribo-Pro selfie stick, a favorite of professionals
Business specs! You can easily take pictures from a height of over 8m without a drone.

About the high-position Jidoribo-Pro
Angle changeable by 180 degrees forward and backward
Hand-held operation allows for flexible camera movement
Easily adjustable bar height
Zoom shooting is also possible with a remote control
Easy measurement of the position, length, and rectangular area of peeling coating and cracks using image measurement software

Model No.: FJEX-DT800 Standard set (4 kg or less)
 TILT main body (with mechanism) 150 × 70 × D40 mm, weight 290 g
 Recommended camera 12× optical zoom, 16 megapixels, 147g
 Telescopic pole with tripod STP-L860AJ Specifications 3.5kg
 Total length 8.9m (including camera)
 Remote control: 75 × 35 × D12mm, 20g including batteries
 TILT mechanism remote control operation 180° forward/backward
 Two operating speeds (fine adjustment possible when zooming)
 Comes with carrying case
 Comes with safety and wind protection set (normal type)
 Comes with image measurement software
Option: Horizontal Rotation/Fine Tuning Patent No. 6450494
 iPad and smartphone compatible (purchase separately)

Please take a look if you are interested as assembly and operation instructions and high-altitude photos are available on the product website.
Endoscopes for industrial use
List of endoscopes for industrial use
Equipped with 2 cameras (direct view & side view)
Ultra-fine 5.5mm videoscope with integrated monitor
Easy measurement software
Ultra-fine 9mm head USB scope
Trap scope
Megapixel camera USB2.0
Close-up digital microscope
Ultra-compact color camera
CCD microvision magnification system
USB connection video capture
Newly developed equipment
For those who want to develop optical products…
 We handle not only lens design and optics-related components, but also accept orders from exterior design to prototyping and mass production.

For those who specialize in optical design…
 We design and manufacture laboratory equipment and jigs.
 You are free to concentrate on your professional design.

When there are not enough development staff…
 We will assist you in any way we can.

Equipment list
DMX embedded circuit boards
Surface roughness gauges
Solar battery material evaluation equipment
Photodetector preamplifiers
Pulse Xenon lamp drivers
AOM Drivers
Holocathode lamp drivers
Real-time differential amplifiers
Laser sheet optical profilers
Photomultiplier high-voltage power supplies
Laser level
Laser light safety goggles
Laser window
Laser module

Lens shopping center
Lens data can be searched for by focal length, lens shape, etc., and we can introduce prisms, mirrors, filters, etc.

Security cameras
Cameras for photography
Recording devices
IP Cameras
Dummy cameras