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Latest update: 24/07/2023 16:24:52

Uemoto Industrial Co., Ltd.

We create various types of car mats and floor mats with original designs.

As a manufacturer of automotive products and various parts, we manufacture a wide range of products, mainly carpet mats for automobiles, metal parts, marine vessel parts, boilermaking and sheet metal working, etc. We accept custom orders for various types of car mats and floor mats with original designs.

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Carpets and floor mats
Integrated in-house production system
Car mat templating, CAD registration, cutting, sewing, high-frequency processing.
Metal product cutting, pressing, bending, welding, coating, painting, unit packaging, and nationwide delivery.
Mounting of accessory interior/exterior parts to trucks and vans, and each process, from textile products to metal products, belong to different industries, and no other company has the unique production system we have, which allows us to manufacture products through in-house cooperation in a comprehensive manner until the nationwide shipment of the finished products.
State-of-the-art CAD/CAM system
By using a large scanner to read car mat pattern papers and register them in the CAD system, we can handle registration, correction, and modification of new templates in a short time.
Four CAMs are used for computer-controlled automatic cutting, and we can offer small-volume, high-mix production, including orders for single items, with highly accurate cutting that is faithful to the paper pattern.
Direct order delivery system
We receive order data for genuine products ordered from automobile dealers nationwide to automobile manufacturers, aggregate the orders received by 2:30 p.m., and ship products in stock directly to customers nationwide on the same day.
We also offer individual nationwide shipments in units of single commercially ordered products.
Further, we can handle shipments exceeding 2,000 pieces per day in total for genuine and other commercial products on the market.

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