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Latest update: 06/04/2023 14:32:18

Nissin Seal Industry Co., Ltd.

We excel in soft packaging printing, and manufacture, sell, and develop packaging such as beverage labels and food packaging.

We use bag manufacturing technology for processes ranging from gravure printing to lamination. We support our customers in an integrated system from planning and proposing products to processing and delivery. We offer various products in a wide range of fields, including labels for beverages, food packaging, pharmaceuticals, sundries, and industrial products. Based on our principle of "Inspired throughout our lives", we provide customers with impressions as a professional packaging company handling infinite colors.

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Main products
Shrink labels
Shrink labels are made of a heat-shrinkable film that shrinks to fit the shape of a container. They have functions such as aesthetics, sealing (anti-counterfeiting) and assembly. 

Product descriptions
Sleeve labels: Used for plastic bottles, salad dressing, sanitary products and the like.
R seals: R seals are shrink packaging for round top seals. They are used for tapered containers such as honey, goods in tubes, and trigger spray bottles. 
Shrink packaging for lids: Used as a lid material for aluminum pot products for udon (thick wheat flour noodles) hot pot dishes. 
Cap seals: Used for plastic bottles for accommodation facilities and the like for which it is ideal to be able to ensure they are in an unopened state. 
Overwrap shrink packaging: Shrink packaging used to wrap the entire outer surface of a product. Overwrap shrink packaging is used to ensure that plastic containers and boxes are in an unopened state.
Band label shrink packaging: Used for tape labels for pasta products in plastic containers. We can also provide specifications for microwaveable shrink packaging.
Products made by bag-making processes
Regarding our self-developed products, we commercialize them by making full use of cutting edge processing technology. We propose the best self-developed product for a customer’s product. 

Special products made by bag-making processes
Square bottom pouches: Unprecedented freestanding square bottom pouches. Pitch printing can be used for the surface, reverse side, sides, and whole surface, increasing the range of display. 
Pouches made from separate materials for the surface and reverse side: Three-sided bags and freestanding pouches can be made from separate films for the surface and reverse side. They enhance the design and eye-catching features, and contribute to ensuring security and safety because customers can see the contents of the pouches. 

Environment-friendly packaging
Alternative pouches for blister packages: Freestanding contents can be achieved without using blister packages and cardboards. The usage of plastic, operation processes, material costs, and transportation costs can be reduced without impairing their appearance. 

Easy-to-open packaging
Uneven parallel laser processing: Laser processing is performed to make different heights of the cut ends in order to achieve easy-to-hold and -open packaging. This packaging is suitable for zippered bags that are opened and closed many times. 
Scratch processing: Scratch processing for seals makes it possible to open the bag at any point. 

Functional packaging materials
Moisture absorption/control films: These films absorb moisture in a bag to protect its contents against moisture. Accidental swallowing is prevented because no desiccant is needed. We also provide films that can achieve a moderate moisture content. 
Processed materials for packaging adhesive tapes: We achieved a fine balance between adhesion and peeling so that a tape do not stick to the inside of the bag. Their superior antifouling coating maintains high repellency, oil repellency, and durability.

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