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Latest update: 24/07/2023 16:24:51

Duks Holdings K.K.

Let us create innovation in the world together!

We provide accounting, personnel, general affairs, and administrative services, management consulting, education and training business, and overseas strategies to group companies, with a focus on car maintenance, logistics, telematics, and overseas business in the ASEAN region.

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Business overview of our group companies
Car maintenance business (Duks K.K.)
Sales, replacement, and polishing of imported or domestic automotive glass, repair of automotive windshields damaged by flying stones (window repair), automotive glass scratch removal and polishing, sales and application of car films, sales and application of glass films for homes and stores, sales and application of cutting sheets, body coating
Logistics business (CONVOY Ltd.)
Aiming for further development of the distribution industry, we provide various products and services to solve problems of transportation companies and people involved in this industry throughout Japan.
The services offered are as follows.
Automotive glass, movement management system “Rakuraku Nippo Digitako MOVO”, muffler cleaning, truck tires, back sonar, etc.
Telematics business (CENTLESS Inc.)
Under our vision of “Creating new norms with technology”, we develop and sell digital tachographs to support the operational efficiency and safety of logistics companies.
The digital tachograph industry used to be slow to evolve. Now we have developed digital tachographs and systems with an unprecedented approach and offer them at the lowest prices in the industry in order to innovate this field and update the logistics industry in Japan.
In the future, we plan to go beyond efficiency improvement of operation management and expand into services and data businesses that utilize operational data.
Overseas business
Contributing to motorization in the Asian region: shifting from repair to prevention, maintenance, and protection.
We roll out business in the after-sales automotive maintenance field in the Asian region, with a focus on ASEAN countries.

In addition to glass replacement and repair, which is what the company started with, we also offer sheet metal painting, maintenance, car care, and other services to meet motorization and user needs in various countries.
We develop periodic services and products that specialize in prevention, protection, and mending from the user perspective, to enable users not just to fix but also to maintain their car in a good condition for a long time and enjoy their car life in safety.
DUKS Koshin Juku
Human resource development
We are promoting an initiative for human resource development called “DUKS Koshin Juku”, which aims to produce true business managers. On the basis of philosophy education, we develop the next generation of leaders through educational programs linked to mission grades. We believe that producing true leaders will not only result in growth of the individual but also of the company, and even bring happiness to families, friends coming together there, customers, and society.

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