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Latest update: 06/04/2023 14:32:10


From development and sale of civil engineering materials and execution of construction work

We sell packing for concrete products, embedded inserts, repair materials, and the like. In the area of infrastructure, we design and sell conduit materials for laying power lines underground and orifice screens for flood control basins. We also manufacture and sell testing equipment. Furthermore, we perform sound absorption work, heat insulation work, and refractory coating.

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Main products
Civil engineering (roads/rivers) materials
Box culverts / hume pipes / assembled manholes / gutters / L-shaped retaining walls / hand holes
Troughs / flood control basins / fire cisterns / waterstops (Vynon waterstops / SANTAC rubber waterstops)
Seal materials (span seals / Separings / SANTAC sealers)
Waterproof materials / joint filler (Elastite / resin Elastite moisture expansion / induced joints)
Materials related to infrastructure (electricity, communications and gas)
Various electrical cables
Electrical wire common ducts <special sections / conduit materials / pipe sealing tapes / conduit boards / buried sheets / separators / waterproof plugs / FRP boards / protective iron plates / ground rods / continuity test bobbins / pilot wires>
Bridge piping systems (installation of lights, cables or the like / resistance to fire) / buried resin molds for PC girders
Materials related to water supply and sewerage / desiccant for switchboards
Materials related to concrete products
Inserts (ceramics / FRP / SS / SUS) / steel joint boxes
Steel collars for hume pipes / flexible joints / hanging anchor systems / coated steps
Fabricated metal products <screens / orifices / dust removal / ladders (stainless steel/FPR) / sound-deadening/noise reduction packing / rebar cover spacers>
Seismic strengthening works, seismic isolation works, and other types of works
Seismic isolation grout injection / urethane spraying / glass wool / refractory coating
Various works including assembly of rainwater storage tanks and installation of seismic isolation rubber