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Latest update: 03/04/2023 17:00:59

Meiko Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

High-precision cutting of everything from soft rubber rollers to metals

CNC lathe cutting is our primary business. We also do secondary processing such as cutting precision parts and rubber rollers for elevators. In addition, we manufacture precision parts with a dimensional tolerance of 0.01 mm or less with CNC automatic compound machines. We can handle a wide variety of products, small lots, and short delivery times, and support our customers in solving their problems, with the know-how and technical capabilities that we have cultivated over many years.

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Technology and machinery that guarantee high quality
Rubber roller processing with CNC lathes
With our CNC lathes, we do simultaneous processing of rubber rollers for elevators, metal parts of urethane rollers, rubber parts, and urethane parts. Doing simultaneous processing of metal, rubber, and urethane parts results in high-precision coaxiality, which also leads to shorter lead times and cost reduction. We also use CNC lathes to process metal precision parts.
Parts manufacturing with CNC automatic compound machines
We mainly manufacture electric automobile device parts and bus fare box parts with CNC automatic compound machines. CNC automatic compound machines can do lathing and milling in a single process with continuous automatic operation. By doing multiple processes in a single process, lead time can be shortened and cost reduction can be achieved.
Thorough product inspection
After a product is complete, we conduct a pass/fail test with a measuring instrument and do visual inspection. We use measuring instruments such as vernier calipers and micrometers to measure precise dimensions down to 0.001 mm, and use tool microscopes to accurately measure product angles and shapes such as R. In addition, we do visual inspections to check for scratches and differences in shape. We deliver products that have passed such rigorous inspections to our customers.
Proactive capital investment
Currently, the CNC automatic compound machine can process products with a material diameter of up to 20 mm, but in August 2023, we will introduce new equipment that can process materials up to a diameter of 42 mm.
Introducing new equipment has made it possible to process large diameters that were not possible before, greatly expanding the range of our manufacturing. We will contribute to solving problems of customers in various fields, with both our existing and new equipment.

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