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Latest update: 05/04/2023 11:22:50

Yamana Sohtetsu Sanso Co., Ltd.

Supply of industrial gases, sale of welding equipment, and manufacturing of precision products

Our business is based on the three pillars of precision product manufacturing, high-pressure gas supply, and equipment sales, and we can manufacture products from palm size to 3 m class. We support a 5-axis machining center and turning cutting, TIG precision welding, small lot assembly, and a wide range of hydraulic tests, etc., and can process gas turbine parts, hydraulic parts, and defense-related parts. We do everything we can throughout the company to provide QCD that satisfies customers under the motto of “always challenging new possibilities.”

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Business Description
Precision product manufacturing
We support the forefront of high technology with high-precision product manufacturing quality and high-precision metal processing.

We handle a lot of high-precision metal processing, and our technical capabilities are highly trusted by major manufacturers in high-tech industries.
Our main product areas are hydraulic equipment products, generator products, defense-related precision products, and industrial robot products, etc.

Hydraulic equipment products, Generator products, Industrial gas turbine engine products, Defense related precision products, Industrial robot products
Gas supply and sales
The active applications of various gases are expanding from high-tech fields to daily life.

Gases are used in various ways from high-tech fields such as space development, ocean development, energy, metal processing, and biotechnology, etc., to foods, medical and other fields close to our everyday lives.
We pursue the limitless possibilities hidden in gas, for applications such as welding, instant cooling, and food storage.

1. We safely and quickly provide stable supplies of various gases such as nitrogen gas, CO2 gas, helium gas, argon, hydrogen, and ammonia, etc., according to user needs. 
2. We supply large and medium scale supplies by lorry or trailer.
3. We are happy to discuss nitrogen supply with FLOXAL systems.
Equipment sales
We accurately meet the needs of customers from manufacturing to research and development.
We also sell and install equipment essential for industry, starting with the latest laser processing machines and welding robots, to other industrial equipment and logistics equipment, gas equipment, and gas clean piping, etc.
Sale of industrial machinery and equipment including welding robots.
Our welding robots in particular are considered highly functional and highly efficient.
We also handle the installation of generators, the latest laser processing machinery, ultra-pure gas regulators and gas clean piping.

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