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Latest update: 03/04/2023 17:00:57

Hoshi Gomu Kougyou Co., Ltd.

Leveraging the strength of a select group of skilled staff, we have gained trust with high quality and low cost.

For metal and rubber linings, we have a process to roughen the metal surface and strengthen the adhesive strength, and in addition to owning a shot blasting machine, we also have chemical processing technology.
In addition, we have a cryogenic deburring machine that freezes the product with liquid nitrogen and crushes the burrs that appear when molding rubber packing and O-rings. We are happy to help you reduce your finishing costs.
We work together with our subcontract factories on the production of dies and metal fittings.

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Leave rubber molding to us, from trial manufacturing to mass production.
Vacuum press molding reduces the defect rate
We have three 200 ton vacuum press machines: a 2-sided decomposition device, 3-sided decomposition device, and 4-sided decomposition device. We can reduce the rate of "air defects", cracks in the product that occur in rubber molding.
Reduces finishing time and costs with our cryogenic deburring machine
There are many companies that ask in-house workers to remove burrs that appear in the molding of packing and O-rings. However, with our cryogenic deburring machine, it is possible to freeze the product with liquid nitrogen and pulverize the burrs with a resin media injection. This makes it possible to remove burrs in a short period of time, which also helps reduce finishing costs.

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