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Latest update: 10/04/2023 11:35:35

C-brains Corporation

Supporting the growth of customer companies with solutions that utilize the Internet and documents

C-brains supports turning information into effective management resources with Web× document technology.

Since our founding in 1995, we have developed documentation (manual creation) and web production for our business. There are not many production companies that have both document and web businesses, which are our strengths. We have in-house writers, web designers, and web engineers to flexibly respond to customer requests.
Following the slogan, “Giving shape to information, and turning it into power”, we not only make products based on what our customers tell us, but we also think about what our customers really need and make proposals.
Please feel free to contact us.

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Web production, manual creation
Web manual production and management service “ManuaLive”
■ Overview of Service
This is a service unique to our company, a documentation and web business.
Our web production staff create web manuals based on manuscripts written by professional writers. The web manuals produced will be delivered as systems that can be updated by the customer.
■ Features
・ Distributing manuals on the web
  - Always see only the latest information
  - Videos can also be posted
  - Enhanced security against information leaks
・ Easily make updates on your own
・ Track usage status of the manual
  - Number of visits per page
  - Searched keywords
  - Rating for each page, feedback on comments, etc.
■ Examples of use
・ Operation manual for services provided only to members (accessible only to members)
・ Work manuals shared within the company (unified management even at multiple locations), etc.
Web production, manual creation services
We have in-house writers, web designers, and web engineers to flexibly respond to customer requests.

■ Website production
We respond with our staff who have sophisticated skills and experience necessary for website production. We can handle all processes from planning and proposal, to design, production, development, and operation. We also propose and produce configurations and system introductions that take operational aspects into consideration.

■ Manual creation
We create operation manuals and business manuals. In particular, we have a lot of experience in business manuals, and our experienced writers prepare business manuals for various industries and occupations.
We flexibly propose optimal configuration design, layout design, and expression method for each customer.




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