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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:05

Kawahira Electric Co.,Ltd.

A company capable of handling everything from design and production of control panels and power distribution boards, to installation and on-site construction.

We offer an integrated response for everything from the design and production of control panels and power distribution boards, with a focus on control machinery and equipment used in various sites, to installation and on-site construction, and we are also capable of mass production. We have a track record of dealing with major companies, and we provide high-quality services that meet the needs of our customers based on our solid delivery record and know-how.

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Business Description
Control panel design and production
As instrumentation systems undergo functionality enhancement, control panels that centrally manage all control equipment are required to have high operability, reliability, and durability.
We design and manufacture control panels that are indispensable for automating and saving labor in production equipment.

< Main Achievements >
Robot controller control panels, escalator control panels, winding machine control panels/operating panels
Software Design
PLCs (programmable controllers) are essential for automating and saving labor in manufacturing equipment. We analyze and understand customer’s requests and hold detailed meetings.
We also flexibly respond to PLC replacement, updates, and update work.

< PLC used >
Omron, Mitsubishi, Keyence

< CAD used >

< Main Achievements >
PLC touch panel update work, software design for steelmaking, PLC design for control panels
In-vehicle wiring
We do in-machine wiring for various devices. We connect devices and control panels, and wire various signals and control lines. In addition, according to customer’s request, we do wiring work that looks good and lasts for a long time. We also keep in mind wiring so that it is easy to modify and replace parts, with consideration for the future.

< Main Achievements >
Plasma CVD outfitting work, control panel relocation work
Harness processing
Wire harnesses can be called the central nervous system of all equipment, and with the growing sophistication and complexity of electronics, they are required to have extremely high quality with short delivery times. Our company manufactures various wire harnesses, crimping, unit assemblies, multi-core cable processing, and other high-volume processing products, and also manufactures control panel harnesses for elevators. As the needs of our customers are becoming more sophisticated and multifaceted, we have put in place a system that allows us to thoroughly and promptly respond to our customers’ needs.

< Main Achievements >
Various harnesses for industrial robots, sensor harnesses
Various electrical work
We do the optimum construction work for your needs, including various electrical plant equipment for government offices, various facilities, and factories, as well as new construction and maintenance related to a wide variety of electrical equipment, such as power supply to electrical equipment, high voltage receiving and transforming equipment construction, wiring work, and more.

< Supported Construction Work >
Power outlet construction, lighting equipment construction, neon equipment construction, service line construction, traffic signal equipment construction, lightning rod construction, cathodic protection construction

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