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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:11

WebServiceDevelopment Inc.

A company that does web application development and business analysis

We provide client-server model web application development and business analysis consulting for companies that offer hybrid cloud services. As for our in-house products, we also provide invoice acceptance systems and data conversion services. We identify issues and help customers reform their business, using know-how that we can provide altogether, including planning, design, manufacturing, testing, system construction, and operation.

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Sales Pitch

Business Description
Services provided
● Providing consulting for remote work
・Visualization of current business flow
・Business analysis for IT introduction
・Examining flows that depend on Excel
・Technology proposals for not easily depending on RPA

● Web application development for companies
・Sales support system for route sales
・Offline/mobile web application development

● Providing services for companies
・Prototype system development for planning proposals
・Linux (Intel, ARM) environment construction
・Support for JavaScript (node.js, Jaxer) education
・Support for introduction of open source (OpenStreetMap)
・Usability survey/evaluation of open source (node.js, Jaxer)
・Support for technical inquiries
In-house Products
● Data conversion service “Wsd Data Converter”
・Converts order data received in PDF to CSV data imported by core system

● Invoice acceptance system “WSD Invoice Cloud”
・Quotation Response - Purchase Order - Invoice - Claim Reconciliation - Document Storage System
・ A cloud service that streamlines the work of receiving invoices by making it so there is no need for direct input, no need for mailing, no need for paper or electronic storage.

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