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SINCO Co., Ltd.

A company that does precision thin sheet metal processing and baking finish

Our main business is precision thin sheet metal processing and baking finish, and we achieve shortened delivery times and reduced material handling and transportation costs through integrated production of sheet metal and coating. With our strong processing capabilities, we can handle everything from large items to small items, and we can also bake and coat large and long items. We provide customers with certainty, satisfaction, and peace of mind with our high quality and speedy response.

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Business Description
Product Introduction
< Product list >
● Mass production of large components and parts
・Exterior coating for generators/welders
・Coating of outdoor battery storage cases

● Medium and small components/parts
・Coating of freezer case components
・Coating of labor-saving equipment components

● Oversized components (single item, small quantities)
・Coating of outdoor stairs for residential use (house-specific management)
・Coating of vehicle components

● Others
・Coating exterior panels for vending machines
・Coating of coin laundry components (silk printing)
・Car wash machine components
・Exterior for boilers
・Coating of household mailboxes
・Painting of cooling case components for display
・Coating of labor-saving equipment components
・Sheet metal coating of steel furniture
Facilities Introduction
● Sheet metal factory equipment: Precision thin plate sheet metal processing
・Turret punch press (compound machines)
・Brake press 8 shaku (242.4 cm)
・Brake press 4 shaku (121.2 cm)
・Auto tapper
・Auto stud (welders)
・Shearing 8 shaku (242.4 cm)
・Corner shearing
・Welders, etc.

● Coating Line 1: Mass production line for large parts
(Maximum dimensions: 1000L x 1000W x 2000H)
・Trolley type conveyor line (226 m)
・Solvent undercoating (front) booth 1.6 m
・Solvent undercoating (back) booth 1.6 m
・Reciprocator sensor
・Solvent reciprocator (front) 4.0 m
・Solvent reciprocator (back) 2.0 m
・Solvent overcoating booth (front touch-up) 4.0 m
・Solvent overcoating booth (back touch-up) 4.0 m
・Dehydration furnace (LPG hot air type 50 m Max 300° C)

● Coating Line 2: Mass production of small parts, single item, high-mix low-volume production
(Maximum dimensions: 2500L x 800W x 1300H)
・Trolley type conveyor line (180 m)
・Reciprocator sensor
・Solvent undercoating booth (reciprocator front) 3.5 m
・Solvent undercoating booth (reciprocator back) 4.0 m
・Solvent overcoating booth (front touch-up) 2.0 m
・Powder overcoating booth 2.0 m
・Solvent overcoating booth (back touch-up) 2.0 m
・Powder overcoating booth 2.0 m
・Dehydration furnace (LPG hot air type 40 m Max 300° C)

● Static factory: Oversized components, long items
・Immersion Parkerizing (zinc phosphate coating)
・1500L x 1500W x 2500H 1 unit
・5000L x 700W x 1350H 1 unit
・Baking drying furnace
・5000L x 1300W x 2300H 1 unit
・1800L x 1200W x 1300H 1 unit
・Coating booth 3.0 m
・Dehydration furnace (LPG hot air type 5.0 m Max 200° C)

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