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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:10

Kyotsu Co.,Ltd.

A general advertising agency that does sales promotion, sampling, and other general advertisements

As an advertising agency that excels at sales promotion and route sampling, we also do sales with original sales promotion plans by developing our own routes. In particular, we are strengthening “sampling and sales promotion for manufacturers”, so please contact us if you are considering new business development in Japan or overseas.

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Sales Pitch

Sales promotions
Sales Promotions List
Sales promotion, enclosing and bundling and over 600 routes nationwide!

We also open up new routes that can reach the target with pinpoint accuracy. Please contact us for route sampling, in-store sampling, or anything else.

< Partial introduction of routes >
● Schools
・Routes: Kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, university co-ops
・Deployment area: Nationwide, major cities
・Core targets: Couples in their 30s with children, boys and girls age 6 to 18 years and their guardians, 18 year old to college student men and women

● Hospitals
・Routes: Hospitals, dentists, pediatricians, dermatologists , medical checkups, obstetrics and gynecologists, dispensing pharmacies, veterinary hospitals, etc.
・ Deployment area: Nationwide
・Core targets: Nurses, children aged 0 to 12 and their guardians, pet owners, etc.

● Entertainment
・Routes: Video rental stores, karaoke, movie theaters, bookstores, amusement facilities
・Deployment area: Nationwide, major cities
・ Core targets: Men and women in their teens and 20s, men and women in their 20s and 30s, children and their families, etc.
Sales Promotions Results
We plan and implement effective consumer promotion strategies that directly connect companies and consumers.

< Sales promotions results >
● Household goods toiletry manufacturer
・Contents: Pet product promotion sampling
・Roues: Dermatologists
・Implementation method: Route sampling

● Confectionery manufactures
・Contents: Candy sampling
・Route: Yakiniku restaurants
・Implementation method: Route sampling

●Healthcare manufacturers
・Contents: Men’s fragrance spray sampling
・Routes: Cellular phone stores, high schools, hair salons, internet cafes
・Implementation method: Route sampling

We have posted our wide range of achievements on our website, so take a look if you are interested.
Specialized in school promotion
We are doing promotions from nursery school and kindergarten to university nationwide.
Product sampling
What is sampling
Sampling is an activity that gives an opportunity to try and experience a product.

Utilizing facilities and stores used by targets, it is possible to do a segmented approach according to the characteristics of distribution locations. Product experience can be expected to “ lower the bar to purchase the products with low purchase experience rates and new products”, “induce brand switching from competitors”, and “discover potential customers”.

Our main promotion activity is to do sampling at various stores and facilities.
Sampling flow
< Educational/Medical Institutions >
We do implementation by acquiring individual implementation destinations. After receiving the details of a project, we conduct simulations in-house and return the details such as feasibility, the number of units that can be implemented, and the amount. After the order is placed, the process will move on to negotiations.

< Store >
We check with the headquarters, which are the source of cooperating media, and implement it while finalizing details. There are many cases where the conditions change each time, and the judgment may be completely different depending on the route, so it is important to confirm work before making an official decision.
One-stop delivery service
In collaboration with multiple logistics companies, we provide a one-stop service for delivery work to stores, facilities, etc. and assembly work for distribution items that occur in sampling projects. The situation at our implementation destination changes daily, but we can respond smoothly even when detailed requests and instructions regarding delivery come rushed.

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