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A manufacturer of fully custom-made hydraulic press machines and molding machines

We manufacture and sell fully custom-made hydraulic press machines and molding machines. We do fully integrated in-house response, from listening customer needs to doing design, manufacturing, and after-sales follow-up. In addition, we can respond to full orders with our whole line, including loading, unloading, and transporting equipment, centering on the press machine itself.

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Business Description
Main Products
[Full custom-made hydraulic press machines, molding machines, and hydraulic systems]
▼ Applications
Powder molding (powder metallurgy, ceramics, etc.), sizing, forging, thermoforming, deep drawing, sheet metal, bulging, and other general-purpose press machines. We support everything from experimentation and development to mass production.
▼ Auxiliary equipment
We have adopted high-strength, high-rigidity frame structures to accommodate increasingly complex and precise product shapes, supporting die sets, hydraulic units, automatic changeover, transfer, loading and unloading equipment.

We also actively adopt servo control with high reproducibility of molding conditions, not reliant on craftsmanship.
We offer a full range of post-installation services including various inspections and repairs, such as rebuilding/retrofitting old press machines, and making energy-saving proposals.
Other products
In recent years, we have been actively involved in cutting-edge fields, such as parts associated with the electrification of eco-friendly automobiles, and parts that contribute to weight reduction such as batteries, semiconductors/5G, wood materials, CFRP (carbon fiber), and titanium/aluminum. We have a wide range of customers, including highly confidential projects, from world-class companies such as major manufacturers of automobiles, chemicals, electrical parts, and electrical equipment, to local companies with technological capabilities.


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