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Latest update: 20/09/2022 12:41:10

NTQ Japan Inc

We make proposals to actualize your ambitions from various angles.

■ Software development
(1) Experience in developing advanced technologies such as AI and Blockchain 
(2) Development experience of 600+ projects with 300+ customers
(3) Proposals starting from upstream processes (requirements definition, etc.)
◆ Plastic parts manufacturing
(1) One-stop service from planning to design, development, and mass production
(2) We support manufacturing a wide range of products in small volumes
(3) "Made in Japan" quality with low expense at Vietnam factory

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Sales Pitch

◆ Software development business: “Are you facing difficulties due to a lack of IT professionals?” We provide AI development support, DX support, and IT support.
We actualize ideas for start-ups and new business development. Let’s grow together.
We excel at making “application proposals” and “technical proposals” from various angles, including AI, based on customers' ideas and goals.
・ We have implemented more than 600 successful development projects across various industries
・ Our staffs include Japanese experts with a wealth of experience in Japanese business
・ We have made many achievements in developing emerging technologies, including the development of AI

■ We have a great deal of experience in PoC (proof of concept).
It is an effective way to realize ideas.
Most of our clients have never experienced PoC success before. Actually, the majority of failures were caused by the customer not completely understanding what they wanted to do. The key to success is to understand not what a customer wants, but rather what they want to do, then confirm the deliverables brought with PoC in advance. Feel free to consult with us at any time.
We excel at AI and machine learning for the manufacturing industry.
We specialize in factory inspection of defective products, analyzing worker behavior, and access control systems based on face recognition.
(1) AI skeleton detection 
Application fields: Detects the eyes, nose, ears, and skeleton of multiple people in real-time and analyzes the direction of the line of sight and movement, in fields such as nursing care, sports, factory management, and motion analysis.
(2) AI object detection 
Application fields: Detects what is where, such as in defective product identification and surveillance cameras. Also diagnoses the type of malfunction or defect.
(3) AI gesture detection
Application fields: Detects hand movements, shapes, and actions, for non-contact operations of various devices.
(4) AI face recognition
Application fields: Detect gender, age, etc, for customer analysis of signage, store behavior analysis, etc.
(5) AI face authentication
Application fields: For example, access management, work management.
(6) AI Emotion recognition
Application fields: The service industry includes customer service, behavior analysis, etc.
■ Combination of AI and RPA
AI is just one component. What customers really want to do is productivity improvement in business and creative business reforms based on it.
We can propose systems to automate entire business processes by sending data acquired with AI technology to RPA (Robotic Process Automation).
We excel at building web applications and e-commerce websites.
For 11 years, we have excelled at building real-time communication on the Internet, known as WebRTC. We have made many achievements in development, such as SES sites, video streaming, TV conferences, and chat.
・ E-commerce websites (BtoB, BtoC)
・ Web media sites
・ Owned media
・ Matching sites (real estate, used car information)
・ Information sites (tourist information sites, etc.)
・ Posting sites (recipe sites, photo posting sites, etc.)
・ Review sites
・ Video streaming systems (on-demand streaming, live streaming)
Feel free to contact us regarding how to use your site effectively and the influx of new customers as a starting point for new businesses.
◆ Plastic parts manufacturing business: “Injection molded products with the highest quality service.”
Speed and affordability
We do everything with our integrated work system, from concept support to drawing design, manufacturing of dies and molds, and mass production.
In addition to providing products with a short turnaround time, we are also able to respond to customer inquiries and share and revise measures to address issues so quickly that it elicits surprise from customers.
By manufacturing at our Vietnam factory, we can reduce the cost of dies and molds, and the cost of molded products.
While it depends on the shape of the part and the exchange rate at the time of the estimate, we have  record of improving cost benefits by 30% to 40% compared to manufacturers in Japan. Please feel free to request an estimate.
High quality and reliability
We acquire ISO9001.
Led by Vietnamese engineers who have long-term work experience at top companies in the automotive parts industry, our staff members with a deep understanding of Japanese quality do manufacturing management.
In our well-ordered factory, they guide correct work procedures and carefully manage equipment to maintain quality.
We can hold meetings by making visits and exchanging information directly with engineers through online meetings at any time.
Our Japanese sales staffs act as liaisons to provide dedicated support; they communicate fluently in Japanese and provide Japanese contracts.
Our manufacturing bases are located overseas, so for our customers to rest at ease,
all of our employees take care to communicate carefully and smoothly.
A commitment to flexibility and proposal capability
By starting DFM from an early stage, we can propose shapes for dies and molds, as well as molded products, so that they benefit customers.
We can also provide quotes for specified or proposed materials of the same quality but at lower prices.
In addition to our own proposals, we respond earnestly to requests from our customers and act flexibly so that we can deliver products to their satisfaction.



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