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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:12

crossDs japan Co., Ltd.

Shoemaking through the integration of 3D technology and craftsmanship

We manufacture and sell custom-made 3D shoes with craftmanship which are produced by measuring feet in 3D, creating a special wooden mold with a computer, then giving shape to it with a 3D printer. Using 3D technology, we can achieve lower prices that are 1/5th as much and shorter delivery time 1/6th as long compared to conventional made-to-order products, while improving quality and comfort.

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Sales Pitch

Custom-made 3D shoes
Overview of products and services
For 3D measurement of feet, we have built a special system using iPads so people can do it on their own at home. Take measurements using the delivered measurement kit, and you can instantly check the measurement results on the cloud and order custom-made 3D shoes from anywhere.
We also provide this system outside the company as a B2B2C service, and we contribute to the launch of custom-made shoe brands for our business partners.
Features of our products and services
The human body has about 200 bones, one quarter of which are in the feet. They are some of the most important parts of the body, because they distribute the weight and supplement the spring of muscles in order to do the very human action of walking. Just as each person’s face and fingerprints are different, so too are the shapes of their feet. That's why mass-produced shoes rarely fit anyone’s feet well. These are made-to-order shoes for a new era, as we use the latest 3D printer technology to create unique shoes lasts for each individual.

[Reliable Completion Guarantee]
We hope to make it so there are no more people in this world who walk with adhesive plaster on their heels and people who walk while their shoes are loose on their feet. That is why we offer this guarantee.
・Heels will not slip off while walking
・The shoes will be tight enough on the feet, so the feet do not slide forward.
We can make these two promises by making shoe trees that fit each person’s feet.

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