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Latest update: 06/04/2023 16:20:44

Arch Cost Management Co., Ltd.

We deliver happiness to everyone involved in buildings

We calculate accurate and reasonable costs through quotations and estimations of architectural projects. Everyone involved in architecture pursues better design within the framework of budget, and we as experts in the field of cost management would like to help create buildings that exceed customer requests.

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Sales Pitch

We will solve the problems of estimation and quotations
You can concentrate on your business with peace of mind
There is not one answer for estimation and quotations. A hundred people will give a hundred different answers. However, we aim for an accuracy of ±3%.
For that reason, when we start on a new property, we review and check many times until we have the pace. When we encounter unfamiliar materials or construction, we always check the website or catalog to understand the construction details.

If you have any concerns about meeting face to face, we can immediately make contact, go to meet you, and communicate face to face, ensuring that you can place your order with us with peace of mind.
We want to communicate with our customers and help them, so in addition to our local area Okayama, we use remote conference systems to keep in close contact and respond to customers both inside and outside the prefecture as much as possible.
We even calculate the cost
Many offices only cover calculation of the quantity, but our company calculates the price of construction based on actual costs.
Kuranishi, our representative, has 10 years of experience in the workplace as a general contractor and 8 years of experience working in the estimate department. In particular, he has experience with cost management on-site at a large commercial facility (approximately 150,000 m2 extension and renovation), and calculates costs using the technical skills of estimation and estimation he has cultivated there.
Including his time after starting a business, he has a track record of over 1,000 estimates and quotations for shopping malls, office buildings, factories, and hospitals, so customers can count on us.
Support profit structure
Do you have any of these problems?
Your company is not strong in providing estimates
Your estimates tend to rely on years of intuition and experience
You have weak cost control ability

First, as a company diagnosis, we will ask you about how you do quantity estimation, cost calculation, accumulation of estimate data, and cost management. After that, we will decide the direction and give a lecture once a month to create a system that strengthens estimation ability.

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