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Latest update: 06/04/2023 16:20:42

Terada Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of precision metal parts and cryostats

We are a precision metal parts processing company specialized in thin lathes and machining. We specialize in processing precision parts for universities and research institutes, starting with ultra-thin lathe processing. From 2020, we started manufacturing cryostats that are used at extremely low temperatures, and we are evolving into a device manufacturer that supports the foundation of Japanese monozukuri craftsmanship.

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Precision metal parts processing
Here we introduce the processing technology of Terada Co., Ltd., which has 80 years of experience in precision metal parts processing.

Lathe processing
We specialize in high-quality, high-precision processing that is compatible with ultra-high vacuum equipment. We have two general-purpose lathes, using inches and millimeters as units respectively, so we can handle hand-sharpened blades and dovetail grooves. We also have three NC lathes, including Okuma's LB3000, and Dainichi Metal Industry's flat-type NC lathe, which can handle up to 530φ × 1500 mm.

Ultra-thin material lathe processing
We specialize in lathe processing of thin materials used in ultra-high vacuum equipment and cryogenic refrigerators. In addition to processing ultra-thin materials as thin as t0.16, we can also handle geometric tolerances in lathe processing of ultra-thin materials. Cutting tools and jigs are considered more important than machinery in lathe processing of thin materials. Our high-quality technology is based on 80 years of technical tradition.

We have one Okuma machine, one Brother machine, and one Yamasaki Giken machine, so we can handle a wide range of products from single items to lots of 500. We use FUSION360 to support up to 2.5D processing. As with lathes, we are equally good at flanging and machining thin materials.

Welding technology
We specialize in brazing and TIG welding, and can also do leak tests that are compatible with ultra-high vacuum equipment. We excel at welding ultra-thin materials, just as we excel at lathing and machining processing.

Inspection and quality control
We respond with dedicated inspectors. We do inspection with various measuring instruments to ensure high quality, such as vernier calipers, micrometers, image measuring machines, screw gauges, etc. We record and manage inspection data for all products.
A cryostat is an indispensable device for research and development in the field of cryogenics. Terada Co., Ltd. provides consistent service from design, manufacturing, and sales to maintenance.

We do development and production in an integrated production system. Our specialist engineers are well versed in cryostat design, and listen to customer requests before doing design.

Manufacturing and sales
Terada specializes in parts processing, and takes responsibility for everything from parts processing to assembly. We deliver not only the main unit but also the mounting frame, so customers can install and operate the product immediately after receiving it.

We also do thorough after-sales follow-up, so you can leave maintenance to us after the handover.
Main processing machines
< List of our processing machines >
CNC lathe TAC-800 L20 Takisawa Machine Tool x1 unit
CNC lathe LB-3000EXII Okuma x1 unit
CNC lathe TCN-2100 Takisawa Machine Tool x1 unit
CNC/precision lathe DL530 Dainichi Kinzoku Kogoyo x1 unit
General-purpose lathe mm ver MS-850 Mori Seiki x1 unit
Vertical machining center GENOS M560-V Okuma x1 unit
CNC lathe TCC-2100 Takisawa Machine Tool x1 unit
Compact machining center S500X1 Brother x1 unit
NC milling cutter with ATC YZ-500SGATC Yamasaki Giken x1 unit
General-purpose lathe inch ver MS-850 Mori Seiki x1 unit

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