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Latest update: 15/09/2022 12:22:10


We are confident in our ability to propose solutions! Consult with us about any problems you may have.

We mainly sell double-sided tapes and functional films for industrial use, and as a trading company, we also handle a wide variety of other products.
We can make a wide range of proposals for lead screws, energy saving measures, hygiene products, beauty and health merchandise, and participation in sporting events.


Sales Pitch

R-Optimizer an energy-saving product for air conditioners, chillers, and refrigeration and freezing facilities
Now that electricity bills have risen, energy saving measures are critical for reducing costs.
R-Optimizer ® is a device that greatly decreases cooling energy used by refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, without taking additional measures such as modifying the air conditioners.
Large clusters of refrigerants are formed through electrical coupling. Refrigeration oil gradually forms lumps (sludge) due to hydrogen bonds. The effect of this is that the fluidity of refrigerant decreases, and cooling capacity deteriorates.
In order to cover the drop in cooling capacity caused by this, the compressor increases its own supply of power, so more electricity is used.
R-Optimizer ® supplies a huge amount of free electrons into the refrigerant pipe, and breaks CFC gas clusters into the smallest units, thereby increasing the fluidity of CFC gas and boosting cooling capacity.
Approximately 20% reduction in electricity used!
By increasing the fluidity and heat exchange efficiency of the refrigerant, the machine is able to reach the set temperature in a shorter time, reducing the operating time of the compressor. With inverter-controlled air conditioners, the rotation speed of the compressor is also reduced.
As a result, power consumption of freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners is reduced.
We realize power saving without remodeling existing equipment!
All you need is a 100V AC power supply. Just connect the lead wire supplied from R-Optimizer ® to the refrigerant pipe, with no need for additional piping.



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