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Latest update: 15/09/2022 12:22:16


A manufacturer and supplier of wiper rubber

Our main business is the manufacture and assembly of wiper rubber, which we deliver to automobile manufacturers, auto accessory stores, mass retailers, and others with OEM production. We have five overseas company factories, and based on the technology and know-how we have cultivated over many years, we do integrated production of rubber compounding and mixing, as well as molding, frame molding, shipping, and more. In addition to wipers, we also produce rubber mats, panel covers, steering wheel covers, car wash supplies, and disaster prevention supplies.

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Features of our wipers
Technology and know-how
We do all compounding, manufacturing, production, and quality control at our own factory. We supply high quality wiper rubber by doing daily improvement, research, and trial manufacturing for compounding, as well as mixing and making surface coating in pursuit of better wiping performance.

[Rubber Compounding]
Wiper rubber is mixed together with various chemicals including inhibitors for deterioration caused by UV light, ozone, and oxidation, as well as carbon used to increase the strength.  We make products in pursuit of better wiping performance and durability, with our unique material selection and in-house compounding.
[Molding Management]
Most companies called wiper manufacturers buy finished wiper rubber, but we manage production of our products according to Japanese standards. We manage lip thickness in units of 0.01 mm. This molding ability is the know-how we have gained through continuous production and development.
[Coating Development]
Modern genuine products commonly have a rubber surface with a graphite coating. While performance and compatibility with rubber base materials vary, we are developing coating agents that can provide high wiping performance and slip performance according to each rubber.
[Cut Precision]
Lip cut greatly affects the wiping performance of wipers. We cut from both the top and bottom with high-speed rotary blades. We have improved cutting precision, because it greatly affects wiping performance.
We have built production and supply systems suited to customer’s plans
We have five overseas factories, which mainly manufacture products for export to the Japanese market. A Japanese factory manager is stationed at each factory, where they manage everything from manufacturing to shipping according to Japanese standards, so that we can supply high quality products. Furthermore, we deliver directly from our factories, so we incur no extra costs and can supply products at a low price.
We do new product development and provide new technologies
We have developed various products thus far, all of them very unique (interesting and distinctive). Shining wipers, fiber blades, handle covers attachable in 10 seconds, etc. Currently we are developing frames and rubber with new shapes that break away from convention. We also do daily research and development of rubber compounding and coating agents, always making advances in unseen areas.
As a pioneer starting more than 20 years ago, we have been developing and supplying “water-repellent wipers,” which are now in widespread use. We will constantly create new products using the knowledge and know-how of rubber and wipers that we have accumulated over many years. We offer various product developments and new technologies that can be developed into the future.

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