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We are a plate iron processing company that handles everything from steel plate sales to shearing, turret punching, lasers, and welding.

We are a plate iron company, specialized in metal plate sales and metal processing, and our team of more than 25 craftsmen work to provide one-stop metal plate pressing service with short turnaround time and high-mix low-volume (mass production) manufacturing. With our abundant stock of iron plates and stainless steel plates, we have built a production system capable of production on the same day at the fastest, and we can also handle shearing, turret punching, lasers, and welding. Come to us for all your needs, from additional processing of angles and pipes, as well as manufacturing furniture, boxes, and cans.

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Business Description
Stock steel plates
< List of steel plates in stock >
・SECC electroplating
・Zinc SGCC-Z12-Z27
・Checkered steel plates
Processed goods
< Types of Processing >
● Steel sales
Our company’s strength lies in our ability to quickly deliver everything from cut plates, to metal plates, and cans with our plentiful materials inventory. We have a plentiful array of general steels such as pickled steel sheet, cold rolled steel sheet, electro galvanized steel sheet and stainless SUS304, as well as special alloys for coating (pentite).

● Cut plate sales
Quadrangles can be cut by shearing or laser processing before delivery, and we can even cut materials brought to us by customers. Processing costs are lower than they are for shearing cutting.Expanded metal is also cut by shearing.

● Cut plate sales (adjustable size, laser cutting)
For customers who request various shapes that cannot be cut by shearing, we offer turret punch press processing and laser processing. We can even process thick plates of SS400 with laser processing, up to a thickness of 16 mm. We can also manufacture custom-made iron plates for BBQ. Output is 4kW. Using nitrogen gas, we can clean cut SUS304 and pickling material up to 6 mm.

● Turret punch press processing (turret punching), bending (press braking, bending) processing, welding processing
We are capable of not only cutting materials, but also hole drilling, bending, and welding. There is no waiting for inventory to be received, so we can respond quickly.
We can consult with you from trial manufacturing to mass production.
We also offer consultations about OEM production of iron plate products, and roll-shaped parts. We can handle products measuring up to 130 tons in weight and 3,050 mm in length.
< Product list >
・ Manufacturing stair railings by additional work on pipes and welding
・ Frame production with angles and C channels
・ Angle mounts
・ Middle plates, intermediate plates
・ Shims, shim plates
・ Pipe frames
・ Motor brackets
・ Solenoid valve base plates with zinc iron plates, electrical equipment plates
・ Checkered plates, notch and bending for groove lids
・ Checkered plate ramps for steps
・ Stainless steel ducts for electrical equipment, galvanized ducts
・ Aluminum duct metal fittings
・ Architectural doors and window panels
・ Signboards
・ Custom-made stainless steel flanges
・ Tap processing

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