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Latest update: 15/09/2022 12:22:16


Our strengths are steadfast!

We are more than just a development company, as we work very closely with our customers and provide our own products and services. We support useful IT technology and products together with operating companies.

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Centralized management of business chat and other chat services, as well as document management
Tack chaT
“Tack chaT” is a business chat service similar to Slack. Typically with business chat services, most users pay through a subscription model. However, users are able to use our business chat service more securely by operating it on their own servers. It also has excellent cost performance, since it is possible to register an unlimited number of users. Of course, customers can also choose to use the cloud version, so we invite you to check how much you are paying for your current business chat service and compare it with ours.
Ours is a service like no other.
This product allows users to send messages to other business chat services without switching from the business chat service they use now. It currently supports Slack, Microsoft Teams, Lineworks, Mattermost, and Chatwork. Our new service can connect this chaotic jumble of business chats.
This service is for people who often get “lost in chats”, losing track of what message they sent in which chat. It is intended to maximize the efficiency of communication, and also enable surveillance of business chat content. Please experience the utility of CHAT-HUB for yourself.
Alfresco is a product in extremely high demand due to the recent revision of the Electronic Books Maintenance Act. It is an ECM (enterprise content management) platform, which can organize all contents and provide excellent search and workflow. In terms of differentiation from our competition, we boast the trust and track record of NASA using our product in the USA, and we also support many clients in the Japanese market as well.

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