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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:11


Planning, development, and sales of EV chargers and Internet of Things services

We do not use gasoline, and do not emit CO2. “PLUGO” was created as a hospitality service to deliver a higher level of car life to people who have chosen eco-friendly cars. We combine futuristic EV chargers designed for members with a web system that makes it easier to use the facility where it is installed, in order to make the environment for EVs in this country smart. Through our service “PLUGO”, we will draw a future where people, society and cars all exist in harmony.

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Sales Pitch

Product Introduction
“My Plugo”, a convenient charging app that suits the user
A native app that provides various charging-related services such as searching for charging spots, reserving chargers, and providing coupons while charging.
“Plugo Bar” with excellent aesthetic design
A stylish outlet stand normal charger that does not produce landscape noise and can be decorated with covers.
“Green Charging™” that does all charging derived from renewable energy
As a mechanism to use renewable energy for charging, even without changing the electricity contract of the facility where it is installed, this service adds environmental value derived from renewable energy as much as is charged.

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