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A Company That Makes Made-to-Order Heat-Retaining Covers for Molding Machines

Our company mainly manufactures made-to-order heat-retaining covers for the heaters and other parts of molding machines (injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines, etc.) in plastic molding factories. While avoiding problems arising from the wide variety of equipment, resins used, and molding conditions, we have achieved an average reduction of about 30% in power consumption (at the target sections).

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About Our Insulation Covers
Our company has manufactured made-to-order insulation covers for a wide range of molding machines and heat sources. Since we can make them compatible with injection and extrusion molding machines and various other types of molding machines while combining materials suited to customers’ use situations, we have delivered many insulation covers to clean rooms and other plants for which the internal environment is to be strictly maintained. 

<Product Information>
Insulation cover for injection molding machines
This is the most popular insulation cover. It can be attached to the cylinder section. 

Insulation cover for extrusion molding machines
It can be attached from the T-stand to the junction and cylinder sections. 

Insulation cover for blow molding machines
It can be attached from the dice to the junction and cylinder sections.

Insulation cover for vacuum molding machines
It fits vacuum molding machines (one-shot, continuous) that have not been supported much in the past.

Our insulation covers can also be attached to various other heat sources, including inflation molding machines, electric furnaces, hopper dryers, and piping. Please feel free to consult us.
Features of Our Insulation Covers
Our insulation covers have three main characteristics.

1. Reduced power consumption
The most attractive feature of the Nissho insulation cover is the reduction in electricity costs due to reduced power consumption. Nissho has reduced power consumption by an average of 30% and up to 65%.

2. Responds to temperature changes such as when replacing resins
A patented cooling system and special sewing method cool the cylinder in the same amount of time as before it was installed.

3. Know-how from over 3,000 units of experience
We have made many mistakes, but we use such experience to produce the best insulation covers.
Other Business: Solar Power Generation System
Generate electricity for your factory at your factory. Because Nissho knows factories better than anyone else, we can provide energy conservation through solar power generation systems.

Steps to Start Operating a Solar Power Generation System
(1) Interview and explanation
(2) Simulation
(3) Survey
(4) Contract
(5) Electricity application
(6) Construction
(7) Start of operation

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