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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:02:58

Creating new value by recycling urethane

We manufacture recycled products using in-process scrap materials such as urethane molds, urethane foams, and slab cut materials. We have achieved cost reduction through consistent streamlined production from scrap processing to manufacturing of recycled products.
We can also handle various types of urethane processing, such as slice cutting, vertical cutting, trim processing, and adhesion processing.

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Product Introduction
Floor silencer
This product absorbs sound and vibrations between the car body and the carpet, while simultaneously contributing to a more comfortable ride. We have a track record of installation in various vehicles sold by major domestic automobile manufacturers. This product demands lightness, hardness, and flexibility. Flexibility is essential to absorb sound and vibration. We are committed to making quality binders mixed with urethane chips, and make products that are light, hard, and flexible.
Seat parts
This product is used for car seats. It is used to improve seat functionality and armrest cushions.
Armrests, in particular, require moderate hardness and complex shapes. We have accumulated the know-how to form even complex shapes such as this by pressing them just one time.
Urethane chips/urethane processed products
We process and produce urethane chips and urethane slabs with slice processing machines and vertical processing machines.
Furthermore, we can do processing such as die cutting with trim press machines.
It is used in various applications such as automotive parts and industrial parts.

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