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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:03

Munekata Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd.

We propose a variety of equipment using our resin welding system that spreads around the world

There is no plastic welding like Munetaka's impulse welders.
We can also support various thermoplastic resins
We customize equipment to meet your needs


Sales Pitch

Please come to us for your resin welding and caulking needs.
Plastic welding: Impulse welder
A beautiful finish with no burns and a uniform welded surface. Safe and energy saving. Heating and cooling time can be adjusted, so that rattling caused by aging is less likely to occur.
“Impulse Welder” is an energy-saving welding machine with highly reliable quality as well as safety ensured by our original instantaneous heating and instantaneous cooling system.
When it comes to global environmental protection, our welding machine is made easy-to-recycle and eco-friendly.
It is capable of simultaneously welding multiple points, so even when welding about 100 points at the same time, operation is completed in the same way as for one point welding.
Send us a sample and we can experiment and do trial manufacturing with our experimental machinery.
We also offer demo machines for rent.
Please contact us for details.
Welding of resin cases with sealing properties (inner surface welding)
The “flat fusion system” is a method of welding through Joule heating on a heating element placed on the inner surface of a thermoplastic.
Stable sealing performance can be obtained on the welded surface. The welded part can be made uniform.
It is vibration-free, so it does not affect internal parts.
We do design according to your work pieces and specifications.
Please contact us for details.