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Latest update: 06/04/2023 12:36:25

Shiba Giken Co.

Contract processing of hard and brittle materials such as silicon, glass, and ceramics

Our main business activities are precision processing of hard and brittle materials and sales and development of processing machines for hard and brittle materials. We contribute to society by providing processing technology and equipment through the semiconductor industry, the space development industry, and FPD material manufacturers.

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Sales Pitch

Business description
Development of high-speed small-diameter hole drilling processing machines and tools capable of drilling at two to three times the speed of conventional machines.
Development of deep hole drilling processing machines, methods, and tools with an aspect ratio of 500 times or greater
Automated factory using a centralized management system for processing machine operation status
Application development of processing load monitoring technology
Contract processing
[Small-diameter hole processing]
High yield
0.06mm to very small hole processing
Damage-free processing

[Deep hole processing]
High accuracy: Hole straightness of 0.1 mm or less for a hole diameter of 15 mm × length of 2000 mm
High aspect ratio Length L / Hole diameter D = 450
Damage-free processing

[Large optical parts processing]
Ultra-high value-added products: High yield
Weight reduction processing: Damage-free processing
Processing range: Max. diameter: 1800mm; Weight: 3t
Machinery sales
[Grinding Center SGP series]
SHIBA R&D Original Features
Equipped with a non-processing detection function
Prevents breakage of fine tools, protects high value-added products, and enables tool sharpness management

[Processing load detection table]
SHIBA R&D Original Features
Monitor the processing load during processing.
When an abnormal load is detected, the system selects an action appropriate to the situation.

[Dedicated machines]
We will design and produce products based on your requests.

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