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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:03

WIN TEC Co., Ltd.

Creating harmony between people and nature

With the keyword of “cosmetics” for people, pets, and things, we provide safe and secure products such as organic cosmetics, pet care products, liquid crystal glass coating agents, and more that use high-purity distilled and refined pyroligneous acid.
With the KET humidification accelerator, a special iron catalyst, we contribute to control of GHG emissions in agriculture and measures against environmental pollution, such as water pollution prevention.

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Business Description / Features
Wholesale of agricultural products, as well as agricultural materials such as KET compost accelerators (special iron catalyst), pyroligneous acid, and charcoal. Wholesale and retail sales of sanitary products, including sanitizers and related equipment. Wholesale of packaging materials and equipment related to filling and packaging. Planning and sales of phosphorescent products, special ionic charge coating agents and other maintenance products, organic cosmetics, pet products, and other necessities.
KET artificial humidification technology
Technology to artificially generate humic substances from organic matter in a short time using a special iron catalyst (KET iron catalyst). Using KET iron catalyst, it is possible to produce artificial humic substance from organic matter using “dedicated machines (10 to 20 hours)” and “composting equipment (about 1 month)”. This technology has been proven through joint research with the Graduate School of Hokkaido University, and was presented at the 2009 conference of the Japanese Humic Substances Society and the 2010 conference of the International Humic Substances Society.
Through the use of this technology, we have a track record of improving the sulfate soil of Lake Abashiri (humus-type composting), passivizing cadmium ions, and research is being conducted in various fields, such as research on the restoration of seaweed beds from rocky-shore denudation.

< Features of KET artificial humus technology >
・Does not emit environmental contamination such as bad odors, harmful gases, or sewage.
• Return amorphous carbon and CO2 to the soil.
・High exchangeability of phosphoric acid
・Generates humic substances at ultra-high speed (allows for shortening of processing time and significant volume reduction).
・Maintains the state of ammonia nitrogen without changing to nitrate nitrogen, which is the final product of oxidation of nitrogen compounds.
Message from the representative (efforts for future market development, intention to utilize J-GoodTech, etc.)
It is also an urgent need from the perspective of promoting the SDGs and the Strategy for Sustainable Food Systems, MeaDRI that we control GHG emissions in agriculture, take measures against environmental contamination such as prevention of water contamination, and make effective use of livestock manure and food waste. In these circumstances, the KET iron catalyst was introduced in the Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Environmental Data Book 2017, and its function gained recognition. In the data book, the KET iron catalyst rapidly decomposes and mineralizes (converts into fertilizer) organic matter such as livestock manure. This does not generate GHG, and the nitrogen component is retained as ammonium nitrogen without being nitrated, so it was noted that crops which grow quickly and contain little nitrate nitrogen are cultivated. We are working to popularize KET iron catalyst, which has been confirmed to have various benefits, and there are also patent-holding manufacturers who are working with us to popularize KET. As we are all small companies, we expect to meet with large companies who can cooperate in the utilization and spread of this technology through the use of J-GoodTech.

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