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A company that develops and operates the industry’s first app for building online management and self-contained inspection

We develop and operate a legal inspection platform. We are developing and providing the first web management system and on-site inspection application in the fire-fighting industry. Working to optimize costs using our web tool for building managers “Sumaten Base” and the app for fire inspectors “Sumaten Up”, we support management and operation of various legal inspections, such as firefighting equipment inspections and repair work.

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Service introduction
Building manager web tool “Sumaten Base”
“Sumaten Base” is a comprehensive platform for legal inspections for building managers who need legal inspections/renovations and qualified people for inspections/renovations. We provide comfortable support for 10 building-related laws relating to inspection management from zero, including firefighting equipment inspection for managed properties.

< Reasons why “Sumaten Base” is chosen >
1) Operation cost reduction
A dedicated concierge handles complicated work, so your company can keep its business cost for management close to zero.

2) Managing the conditions for each building on the web
The status of various inspections and repair work can be viewed easily for each building.
Everything can be managed online because it has functions including budget management and scheduling.

3) Cost optimization
At our company, we strive to do cost reduction by improving workability with on-site inspection applications and automatic report creation functions, including standardization of a one-stop structure.

< Target inspections/surveys >
・Inspections of firefighting equipment
・Inspections of fire preventive objects
・Inspections of fire prevention equipment
・Regular survey of specific buildings
・Regular inspection of building equipment
・Inspections of emergency in-house power generation equipment
・Cubicle inspections
・Air conditioning freon inspections
・Inspections of water tank facilities
・Elevator inspections
“Sumaten Up”, an app for firefighting inspectors 
Using Sumaten Up, inspectors can easily create inspection slips from the app.

Conventionally, on-site inspections were done by sounding the fire alarms, checking fire extinguishers, taking notes on site, and creating a report using Excel, or software.
On the other hand, with Sumaten Up, you can easily create reports automatically just by entering the necessary information in the application.

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