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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:08

Fairy Devices Inc.

Sound into data. Data into wisdom.

We aim to do “technology development that warms the hearts of users” by promoting the application to actual business sites of machine learning technology, mainly voice technology. We do this through the development of VUI (Voice User Interface) and VPA (Voice Personal Assistant) related technologies, voice recognition and voice translation related technologies, cloud infrastructure, and edge devices that utilize the performance thereof.


Sales Pitch

A speech processing cloud platform that connects people and machines
Business domains
We do hardware sales and provide cloud service, utilizing voice recognition and voice synthesis technology.
In recent years, we have developed hardware peripheral technologies and are selling hardware Tumbler, THINKLET®, and LINKLET solutions.
Technological basis
Since our founding, the scope of our business has expanded from joint R&D and consignment business with multiple companies and university research institutes, to natural language processing, dialogue communication, and emotion recognition based on voice.
We possess comprehensive voice recognition technology developed in-house, including both software and hardware. The basis for this is our technology cultivated through contract research since the time our company was founded, and our company’s scientists have done research in academia for a long period, focused on voice recognition, translation, and analysis technology, and also machine learning.

We at Jegtech await your inquiries, so that we can bring our voice solution products and cutting-edge knowledge to as many customers as possible.

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