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Latest update: 15/09/2022 12:22:15

Kyoshin Seiki Co.,Ltd.

We not only manufacture prototypes and new molds, but also repair molds made by other companies.

Our services include the design, manufacture, maintenance, repair, 3D CAD modeling, and machining of molds for plastic injection moldings, such as medical equipment components, optical parts, automotive parts, machine parts, digital device parts, and office equipment. We supply advanced high-quality molds and parts in a short time at low costs, utilizing the technology and know-how we gained over the years.

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Sales Pitch

Business Description/Features
[Mold Making for Injection Molding]
Die manufacturing for plastic product molding
Die casting die manufacturing for zinc and aluminum moldings

Prototyping by cutting steel
Prototyping by 3D printer modeling
Main Products
[Mold Design]
Mold Design with 2D and 3D CAD
Based on the customer's product and production plan, mold design, strength, and possible issues in design are identified through meetings. The molds are designed according to customers' needs. Since all data, even 2D data, are converted to 3D, we can respond to changes in design promptly. 

[Mold Making]
CAM Processed Data and Mold Assembly
The workflow is as follows: (1) select a suitable machine for processing the mold based on the 3D model created during mold design, (2) create a processing program using CAM software, (3) manufacture a mold, (4) finish the parts after inspection, and (5) assemble the mold.  We always take up technical challenges in the processing of mold production and manage all the processes and tasks to manufacture molds that satisfy customers.

[3D CAD Modeling and Machining]
3D modeling from 2D drawings and other sources. Solidification from wireframe or surface models output by other companies. In the machining process, manufacturing products and parts with accuracy is essential. We ensure the quality of our work by implementing the optimum work procedures and changing tools.

[Maintenance of Molds Made by Other Companies]
In addition to our molds, we can repair and modify molds made by other companies, clean old molds, and convert 2D mold drawings to 3D data.
CAD Data Preparation Service
Data conversion from customers' paper drawings and sketches to 2D and 3D data, as well as updates with the mold's scan data, are available. 
Preparation of 2D drawings from paper drawings
Preparation of 3D drawings from paper drawings
Preparation of 3D data from sketches
Preparation of 3D data from 2D data
Preparation of 3D data using scan data
Representative's Message (efforts to develop future sales channels, intention to utilize J-GoodTech, etc.)
For over five decades, our company has sincerely taken up challenges in the various aspects of monozukuri (manufacturing). We will continue to create better products based on the know-how gained, constantly reminding ourselves of our willingness to take on challenges.

The number of domestic production plants in the molding industry is decreasing year by year. However, we will keep working on mold making based on solid technology, cherishing our relationships with customers. Through monozukuri, we will strive to contribute as one of the companies supporting Japan’s high technological strength, which is second to none internationally.

We at Kyoushin Seiki are looking forward to working with you.

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