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Chunichi Craft Co., Ltd.

Plating surface treatment, monozukuri craftsmanship using laser technology, dies and molds design and production
Innovation! Excitement! An ever-evolving company that is always undertaking new challenges

In addition to surface treatments, we can do a series of processes, from designing and manufacturing resin and progressive press dies to plastic molding.
Currently, we are developing technology after introducing a new generation of laser cleaners, a type of high-tech surface cleaning technology.
We will continue to undertake new challenges and respond to various customer needs.

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Overall business of Chunichi Craft
Surface treatment - plating -
We handle a large number of high-tech products and varieties made with our coating developed in-house, so we can propose plating that suits your product.
Our in-house developed product “CROMAX” is a film evolved from hard chrome plating.
It has a fine structure and a coating with three crystal orientations, and durability is better than conventional chrome plating.
Try it and see how it works.

[Product / Service Overview]
・ Hard chrome plating
・ Electroless nickel plating
・ Black electroless nickel plating
・ Zinc plating ・ Black dyeing
・ Nickel alloys ・ Composite plating
・ Other: various plating
・ Plating treatment for non-ferrous metal materials
Dies and molds, jigs and tools
We insist on maintaining the precision of parts, and have undertaken the challenges of manufacturing dies and molds, special machines, as well as jigs and tools that do not require assembly adjustment.
We provide a full range of services from manufacturing dies and molds to after-sales follow-up in collaboration with bases in Japan and abroad.
We can provide the same service at our bases abroad.

Japanese Bases: Head Office, Kawajima Factory (Saitama Prefecture)
Foreign Bases: USA (Chicago), Thailand, Mexico

[Product / Service Overview]
・ Plastic injection molding die
・ Precision progressive mold
・ Dies and molds maintenance
・ Various jigs
Plastic molding
We do everything from manufacturing single-color and double-color molded products to coating and sub-assembly.
We handle high-mix low-volume production and trial manufacturing with short delivery times.
Since dies and molds can be manufactured in-house, we also offer full maintenance.

We examine and estimate optimum methods according to the customer’s order intervals, quantities, budgets, etc.
We strive to solve problems all in one stop from design and manufacturing of molding dies to trial manufacturing, mass production, and inspection.

[Product / Service Overview]
・ Plastic products
・ Sub-assembly products
・ Large-scale molding
Various laser devices
We propose laser equipment carefully selected by laser professionals, at affordable prices!
If you have problems with cleaning or marking, leave it to us!

[Product / Service Overview]
・ Laser cleaner
・ Laser marker
・ Laser welder

==== Laser Cleaner ====
This new cleaning technology irradiates metal surface with a laser to remove rust, oil, and coating.

It can clean resin, oil stains, rust, coating film, paint and other substances adhered to the surface of objects without using chemicals, a blast medium, or water.
Focus can be adjusted manually, so it can flexibly handle curved surfaces and rough shapes.

==== Laser Marking Device ====
This is a device for marking characters and logos by irradiating an object with laser light to oxidize and produce colors on surfaces.

Compared to labeling and ink printing, there are no consumables and it only incurs electricity costs.
Compared to conventional marking technology, the material reacts with laser light to print, so the printed text does not disappear easily.
It can be used to print on not only flat surfaces but also 3D shapes and curved shapes.
It can print not only on metal but also on plastic, glass and wood.

==== Laser Welder ====
This is a device for irradiating an object with a laser to melt and bond the object.

No qualifications are required to operate our equipment, and it can do welding just by consuming electricity and gas, making it easy to use.



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