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Latest update: 05/04/2023 11:43:15

Saga Plant Industry Co., Ltd.

Robot systems with high return on investment, and can be amortized in a short period of time

We are a robot system integrator that builds systems to meet customer requests, with "automation technology," "positioning technology," and "robotics technology." We solve challenges related to automation and labor-saving.

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Business Contents
[Business contents]
- Design and manufacturing of robots assembly devices, transport devices, deburring devices, and processing devices

[Three main technologies]
■ Automation technology
We can automate tasks currently performed manually at your site.
We decide whether to automate in whole or in part by comparing cost and effect.
With automation, we can reduce manufacturing costs and contribute to quality improvement.

■ Positioning technology
Positioning is among the most important of all technologies when it comes to automation.
Recently, the variety of servo motors has grown and the price has become more reasonable, so we are applying this servo technology to positioning.

■ Robotics technology
Robots that have human-like joints can handle a variety of tasks.
They can be used for a variety of applications, such as product transport, deburring and polishing, and can be used in restricted spaces.

[Track record of transactions and development with major corporations]
Automatic assembly devices, automatic cutting devices, automatic processing devices
Track record
■ Candy catcher
The robot picks up the candy number selected on the roulette wheel, and even replenishes the candy. We developed this system for exhibits.

■ Automatic processing machines
We use two milling machines and six robots to perform automatic grinding of the front and back sides of workpieces. This enables 24-hour unattended operation.

■ Crimping machines
We use a parts feeder and a supply cylinder to supply parts, and crimping is done automatically. This enables 24-hour unattended operation.

■ Shot machine automatic injection
Workpieces are automatically input to the shot blasting device, and processed workpieces are automatically collected. This enables 24-hour unattended operation.

■ Automatic can cleaning machines
Cans are put into the washing machine, then automatically washed, dried, and collected. It is now possible to operate the business unattended 24 hours a day.

■ Pouch packing machines
Two robots insert pouches and pack them into boxes. This makes it possible to insert pouches to boxes at a pace of one per second.

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