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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:06


Our company does architectural planning design and design supervision based in Saga.

From our base in Saga, we do architectural planning design and design supervision. In addition to housing, we are also involved in clinics, commercial facilities, store design, and more.
We also offer our original products “Danbaul x Style Furniture” and "Wall-Wood Building Blocks”, which are now patented or patent pending. We proceed while carefully addressing the needs of our customers. Please feel free to contact us.

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Major Products and Services
Architectural design
We have been in business for more than 30 years, completely focused on architecture and planning. This entire time, we have placed great emphasis on carefully responding to the needs of our customers.

Each and every one of our staff work hard to come closer to realizing ideal home. In addition to building houses, we can respond to various requests, such as clinics and commercial facilities.

< Architectural design achivements >
・ Japanese traditional building construction
・ Reinforced concrete housing construction
・ Wooden house construction
・ Clinic construction
・ Mid-to-high-rise building construction
・ Stores and commercial facilities
・ Funeral hall and ossuary architecture
・ RCB model houses
Danbaul × Style furniture
We have been engaged in research and development of furniture made from reinforced corrugated cardboard, and we have obtained a patent for the “Manufacturing method for knockdown furniture and prefabricated furniture”. We have also been planning to extend our business activities into humanitarian and disaster assistance under the name of “Danbaul x Style” with the aim of raising awareness of the environment with our paper furniture.

< Various shapes and uses of Danbaul x Style furniture >
(1) Chair
Sit down, kick back, and relax. The Danbaul x Style chair is so light that you don't need much effort to carry. When weight is applied, it stabilizes and catches the body properly.

(2) Table
Different locations, different moods. Whether it’s on your favorite porch or small balcony, a desk you can carry around by yourself will give you new joy in life.

(3) Shelf
Things belong where you put them. These easy-to-carry shelves can be tried in various places, so they are convenient and useful even when used temporarily or for a long time.

(4) Bed frames
Simple shapes grant freedom. Large and simple shapes create a free space beyond our imagination and enable any way of spending time. The furniture is very strong in appearance and substance.

(5) Bench
Why not take a break right here? When you put a bench in your house where anyone can sit comfortably, an empty space may turn into a place where people gather. It is made of cardboard, so it is great for your pets without worry of injury.
Wall-Wood building blocks
Wall-Wood building blocks are “wall structures and construction method for wall structures” with patent application pending. This construction method is derived from a traditional Japanese technique to build sturdy wall structures just by stacking wood blocks without using nails, screws, bolts, etc.

The building blocks are 10 cm squares about 90 cm in length. We make them by processing waste wood generated from thinned wood and the demolition of old buildings.
Transforming thinned wood and waste wood into resources and accumulating them as resources in order to create our living spaces will contribute to maintaining a sustainable society that is friendly to the global environment.

< Various shapes and uses of Wall-Wood building blocks >
(1) Bookshelves
It can be difficult to find the perfect bookshelf for yourself.
With building blocks, you can customize your bookshelf according to space in the room and the size of your books.

(2) Booths
Booths are used in various situations, for small home coffee bars, as accents in rooms, and in places of relaxation for those people who are cooking and people who are waiting.

(3) Chairs and benches
The blocks can be disassembled and transformed into other furniture such as desks and shelves.
Here we have attached a cushion to the chair with Velcro tape.

(4) Loghouses
It can be assembled in half a day by 2 or 3 people, so costs can be greatly reduced. It can be broken down any time, so it has no demolition costs and is economically advantageous.

(5) Long Tables
This is a long standard table. The length can be adjusted to some degree, so it can be used flexibly at home or in stores.

(6) Partitions
Partitions are useful for dividing spaces into small rooms and protecting individual privacy. They can be disassembled freely, so the way the rooms are divided can be changed easily.

(7) Saunas
These can be used for various lifestyles such as hobby rooms, children’s playrooms, study rooms, workshops, and offices.

(8) Tables
Desks can be customized to be more fashionable and easier to use.

(9) Panels
With no extra partitions on either side, it can be used in various situations such as workplaces and storerooms.
Company Features
Technological ability
In particular, we have developed and obtained a patent for wall surface structures and construction methods thereof for building architectural structure walls similar to the International Patent Classification (IPC) E04B.
The content of our patent is technology that shows how to process building blocks that enables ordinary people to build structures easily without using electric tools or hardware, by using thinned wood and waste wood, and applying standard processing to them.
This is a technology for building robust wall structures by applying to building blocks the 3D connecting between parts using small wooden plugs, which have long been used by Japanese traditional carpenters.
Our intention is to recycle waste wood that is disposed of during demolition of buildings, and use it as a building material for upcycling, in order to respond to recent global environmental problems.
We also actively use thinned wood, for the purpose of protecting forests.
Using this technology, it is possible to build evacuation shelters for disaster preparation by having construction amateurs such as typical volunteers, or even children, stacking blocks with their own hands in workshop fashion. It is an epoch-making technology that enables production of furniture and the construction of buildings.
Value proposition
By sorting wood-based waste materials into small and large parts for standard processing, we encourage use of waste materials as materials for manufacturing structures that are useful to society. Waste wood used in wooden houses, including old traditional houses that are no longer needed, is a very valuable resource for dry wood as it gets older. Most of this highly valuable dried wood from old traditional houses, which does not burn even if it is put in a hearth, is discarded without finding any way to utilize it.
There is also a demand for thinned wood to be used. By applying standard processing to wood resources once treated as waste in order to use them effectively, we can make furniture or disassemble the wood to make log houses. We reuse this wood as a valuable resource usable for 100 years or more.

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