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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:11

Sara Co., Ltd.

A company that does soil remediation using ozone, as well as development and manufacture of ozone generators

We manufacture and sell ozone generators with functions including bleaching, deodorizing, and sterilizing. We can realize VOC contamination measures at low cost and in a short period of time by discovering high-concentration parts and purifying ozone with our new system. Our customers have a wide range of applications, such as deodorization of the adhesive process in musical instrument factories and sterilization in mushroom factories. Feel free to contact us if you are concerned about VOC contamination, or if you are interested in joint research or joint development.

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Business Description
Main Products
Our company was established by separating the ozone division of our previous company Carto Co., Ltd., and we manufacture and sell ozone generators with functions such as bleaching, deodorizing, and sterilization.

(1) Normal temperature VOC removal equipment
The oxidizing power of ozone is extremely effective in removing and deodorizing VOCs. By combining ozone with an oxidation catalyst, we make the highly active nascent oxygen (OH radicals) generated on the surface of the catalyst instantly decompose and detoxify VOCs at room temperature, which ensures safety. Compared to widely used large-scale equipment, it offers great advantages in terms of price, space, energy consumption, and running cost.

< Use site >
・Coating, cleaning, printing, adhesion dehydration processes, etc.
・Medical care, nursing care, livestock farming, sewage treatment plants, etc.

< Use examples >
・VOC decomposition and deodorization by combining ozone and oxidation catalyst in the adhesion process at musical instrument manufacturing factories
・Indoor sterilization of mushroom cultivation room
・Deodorization of coating booth water using ozone microbubbles
・Remediation of VOC-contaminated soil in dry cleaning plants (including cleaning construction materials such as casting pipes)
・Sterilization of fixtures in food factories

2) Coating booth water purifier
The submersible pump is installed directly in the booth water circulation tank, eliminating the need for an external pump or purification equipment. In addition, the ozone microbubbles in the booth water purify and deodorize the sticky water.

< Equipment rentals >
・Rental period: 6 months after the 1 week trial period has passed
・Rental items: Ozone micro valve submersible pump, ozone generator
・Customer preparation: Oxygen canister, power supply (AC 100 V), power consumption (200 W)
・Installation cost: Customers are responsible for the cost of installation
Effectiveness of ozone
Ozone has the ability to decompose and purify VOCs (volatile organic compounds), substances that cause soil contamination and sick house syndrome, and is effective in purifying contaminated soil. Difficult-to-biodegrade CODs in factory wastewater are difficult to decompose microbially, but high-pressure, high-concentration ozone treatment allows existing facilities to meet wastewater standards.

Our ozone generator can produce high-pressure, high-concentration ozone, so our customers can use highly functional and efficient ozone that takes advantage of this feature.
Points of the Land Remediation with Ozone
The “ozone method” developed by our company is classified as a technology called "in situ remediation” in the field of soil remediation, and it is a chemical decontamination method that does not require digging.

Compared to conventional methods for remediation of soil contamination using VOCs, such as the “bio-remediation method” and the “Fenton oxidation method”, the construction period is shorter and the cost can be significantly reduced. The low-cost remediation of the land in a short period of time also offers the advantage of increasing the valuation at the time of sale.

< Benefits of the ozone method >
・Short construction period: Construction period for land remediation is 1 to 2 months
・Low remediation cost: Easy work at low cost with the pipe method
・Building maintenance: We can also do work on contamination points while living in the store
・Evaluation improvement: Soil remediation increased due to rapid remediation work

< Overview of ozone method process >
1) Poison gas survey
2) Hot Spot discovery factory
3) Purification plant
4) Purification confirmation
Joint research and joint development
We develop applications based on a special ozone generator jointly developed by Carto Co., Ltd., our predecessor company, in cooperation with the Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture. Specifically, in addition to soil remediation work, we have provided products and technologies in a wide range of other fields, including wastewater purification, coating booth water purification, mushroom factory sterilization, shrimp farm sterilization, and air purification for wood adhesion and dehydration processes.

We will continue to make stronger proposals focused on soil remediation technology using ozone, including products combined with the catalyst technology of our affiliated company Carto Co., Ltd. We are looking for business partners with whom we can conduct joint research and joint development to further improve our products and technologies. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.




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