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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:54

Altechnical Support LLC.

Helping companies and local governments that employ people who have disabilities to improve their IT environments

Our company supports the use of computers by people who have disabilities and the use of IT equipment in employment. For more than a decade, we have supported use of IT by people with disabilities and assistive technologies such as screen readers. We handle everything from consultation to purchase and installation. We also support the use of personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and operation of devices, in response to consultations regarding the selection of software and peripherals required for use by people who have disabilities. We also use our experience to help companies with IT (digital transformation promotion), which is not directly related to accessibility.

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Product Introduction
Support for visually impaired people
For blind people, we propose screen reader software, which reads out the most suitable computer operations for the application. For people with poor eyesight, we check whether it is necessary for them to use screen enlargement software or an external display, depending on their visual acuity.
Support for people with limb disabilities
For people who have difficulty using input devices such as a typical PC mouse or keyboard, we propose specially designed devices and devices including switch operations.
Support for workplaces with workers who have disabilities
We will work with you to think of how to make it easier for people with disabilities to work using IT systems, by developing and improving computer work environments for company employees and government staff who have disabilities.
When welcoming people who cannot move freely due to complications from an accident, or who have some disability into the workplace, contact us about how to accommodate employees with disabilities and how to improve their workplace environment.
We will support you by asking about the situation of staff with disabilities and the intentions of the workplace.
Please consult with us about the equipment needed for the relevant staff to use on the job.
We will also provide detailed support for operation of software and equipment.



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